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How to Protect Against Fall Home Fire Hazards

There are two falls in Texas. The suggested fall and the real fall.

One takes place when the calendar says so in September. The other takes place when Texans are able to walk around wearing a light sweater or jacket and not feel like they are enclosed in a traveling sauna.

This means the weather finally matches the season. With the real changing of the season in Texas finally bringing about cooler temps, we tend to get excited that summer is really over and we're on toward the holiday march of Halloween, Thanksgiving and the winter months to follow.

For sports fans, you have relief, whether watching your children play or tailgating and watching your favorite college team play.

The real change also brings the right temperature for gathering in the backyard around a fire pit, the right weather for cooking out, the right weather for a bonfire, you see where we're going with this . . . true fall weather means fire that doesn't come in the form of feeling that you are baking in the Texas sun.

It also means you get to turn the heat on in your home once again for a portion of the day, if not all.

In all this excitement coupled with the busyness that the fall tends to bring with family, work and other interests, it's easy to overlook a few things around the house that could make a big difference if left ignored.

If not on the front of your mind, maybe a fall checkup plan before the cooler weather will help you make sure to take care of the home that takes care of you.


Fire is fantastic on a fall night. Couple that with the fragrance of cooking meat on the grill and you've got a winner. A little football on the tv in the background and you've found Texas heaven.

If not already in a fixed location, keep that grill a good distance from your home and any other flammable structure. The same goes for the fire pit. If you have an outdoor fireplace, practice the caution you would inside.

With the leaves about to lose to gravity, keep your leaf piles, brush, and tree-limbs away from fire sources.

It's a good idea to clear your roof and gutters from debris as well.


Turning on the heat or making the fireplace active is a game changer in your house. Make sure to get your HVAC inspected before the summer and that will set you up well for the fall.

If you didn't get it inspected before the summer, we hope that didn't leave you in the middle of a Texas toast-fest of a month without a working air conditioner. Regardless, think about getting it inspected now when there's less demand on the time of AC service techs.

If you have a gas heater, you'll want carbon monoxide detectors in working order. You'll also want to make sure lines and connections are inspected before turning on.

Now is a good time to check out the condition of outlet covers and making certain flammable materials are well off the path of your fireplace, space heater or electrical device.

Fires are horrific.  

We want you to enjoy the fall and coming winter months with the peace of mind you only get from preparing your home well to heat well.

If you have any questions about preparing your home well, let us know. If you would like to know more about Insurance For Texans and how we help Texas homeowners find quality home insurance, well, we'll be more than glad to talk to you about that too. As an independent insurance agency, we have a few ways to do just that.

We're glad to finally say "Stay warm, Texas". Enjoy those chilly nights to come. Also, stay safe.

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