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Insurance Services



What We Offer

We know Texas. We know insurance. We know insurance for Texans.

Insurance For Texans is an independent insurance agency located in Dallas-Fort Worth. As an independent insurance agency, we have the ability to match your needs and budget to a solution tailored to suit you. Ron Wadley and Bradley Hancock have three decades of experience in the insurance world together. They use that experience and knowledge to protect your business, possessions, and family.

So what DOES Insurance For Texans help you cover exactly?

Insurance For Texans
Texas Commercial Insurance


Cover Your Business

Owning a business can be a crazy experience. The ups and downs can be extreme. Insurance should not cause those feelings. It should actually take care of them instead! Our goal is to help you sleep soundly at night so that you can spend your working hours making money.

Insurance for Texans realizes that no two businesses are exactly alike. Some folks work from home, while others have a large office. The number of employees can make a huge difference in your needs as well. As independent insurance agents, we work with many different companies that can provide you with a unique solution to fit your fleet of vehicles or armada of servers in your restaurant. Let Bradley examine your current coverage today to make sure your tomorrow is secure.

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Texas Home and Auto Insurance Personal Lines

Personal Lines

Cover Your Home and Auto

Insurance that is personal to you and your family comes in all shapes and sizes. Through the years, we have insured a lot of homes and cars. But have you ever heard of a personal umbrella policy? Or maybe you have a sweet Harley that you ride on the weekends. Guess what. We have a policy for those. Do you collect comic books? Have family heirloom jewelry? We're right back to that we have a policy for those.

One thing we've come to appreciate over the years is the ability create a unique solution for you since you are unique. It sounds like a Dr Seuss title, but it's true. Having a meaningful conversation about what matters to you helps us better protect those things that mean the most to you! Let Paul help you find the right solution for your pride and joy today.

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Texas Life and Health Insurance

Life & Health

Cover the Most Important

No one likes to talk about death. We don't like it either. But our job is to have difficult conversations with you while you can still contingency plan. We can't insure something after the disaster. Your life is no exception to that rule. Life Insurance is the only policy that we can offer to you that is guaranteed to pay a claim!

Life Insurance is a means to provide for your family or business even after you are no longer here. It can be used send kids to college, pay off debt, transfer wealth, succession plan for business, or even provide benefits while you are still here. As an independent insurance agent, we can craft solutions that are unique to the needs of you, your family, or your business.

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Texas Investment Property Insurance

Investment Property

Cover Your Investments

Working on your first flip? How about a rental property? Insurance For Texans works with many property investors to make sure that they don't lose everything while building wealth through real estate. There are many things that you can do wrong, so why knot work with someone who knows how to do it right!

We can help you with your rental, securing builders risk for your flip, or other complex transactions. Our team will make sure that your future stays secure.

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Texas Flood Insurance


Cover Flood Damage

Every home or building needs to consider having flood insurance. Did you realize that you're actually in a designated flood plain right now? If your lender has mandated coverage, you likely realize that. Our nuts and bolts explanation will make flood insurance easy.

There are a lot of misconceptions around flood insurance in Texas. One of those is that the Federal Government is the only place to get coverage. The best news for you is that Insurance For Texans can help you look at both the National Flood Insurance Program and Private Coverage before making a decision. Let us help you stay dry financially if the waters rise.

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Texas Specialty Insurance


Cover The Unique

Do you organize bicycle races? Or maybe you secure wedding event locations? Run a college football tailgate? Liquor liability is a real thing. If someone has asked you for general liability coverage and you were not sure where to turn, we have an answer for you.

There are countless things that can be insured, from J-Lo's booty to your old baseball card collection. We have access to companies that can help you protect their value or your future earnings. 

Ready to Cover Your Assets?

Insurance For Texans exists to bring great coverage to the great people of the great state of Texas. We prove insurance companies don't have to  be bigger in Texas, just smarter.