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What Can the Death of Mr. Peanut Teach Us About Life Insurance?

After 104 years of service for the Planters snack company, Mr. Peanut is gone. Many are shell-shocked, from Mr. Clean to the Kool Aid man (oh yeah!). Greatness recognizes greatness and the world...

What Does the English Premier League Have to Do with Insurance?

On a day when millions will tune in to watch the final four of NFL football, we can't help but stop and appreciate the American game which continues to grow here and across the pond.

Why is Texas Weather So Crazy?

It's a big state we live in. There is also a big state of mind we should keep in order to live in it well.

Is Your Foundation Covered By Your Texas Homeowners Insurance Policy?

We're off and running with a new year. Resolutions are going strong. You don't miss eating bread, rice and potatoes, do you? You are still making it to the gym in the morning, waiting for the rest...

Ring in the New Year Without Bringing in a New Claim

What did 2019 look like for you?

Is Your Holiday Party Properly Insured?

With only a few more days to go before Christmas, we're well into Holiday party season. This is the time of year to don ugly sweaters, dress like Santa or Buddy the Elf and celebrate holiday cheer...

Insurance Check-Up For The New Year

Texans love to brag. But it's not really bragging if you are just that good! New Years gives us a chance to brag about all the changes we have slated for the upcoming months ahead. We are going to...

Does Your Home Insurance Policy Cover Porch Theft?

This is the most wonderful time of the year. Never mind the gifts yet to buy, high-speed competitive parking at your local mall, the hustle and bustle at the grocery stores, or the manic...

Do You Have Gaps In Your Protection

There is a natural progression to life. When we launch out on our own after achieving adulthood, most Texans don't start out with a lot. We all had that one apartment that we weren't sure was...

Life Insurance For Christmas?

It doesn't take watching George Bailey, Clark Griswold or Buddy the Elf on television to remind us of the inherent dangers of humans mixing with holiday emotions.

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