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Does My Life Insurance Policy Help With Long-term Care?

You are getting older.

Can I Sign Up For Health Insurance After Open Enrollment?

When the Affordable Care Act was signed back in 2010, the way that Texans bought individual health insurance changed. Purchasing an "exchange" health insurance policy only occurred during the last...

What Is An Umbrella Policy And Do I Need It?

I was having a conversation with a Ft Worth homeowner about his home insurance policy and he mentioned that he was reading about umbrella policies. He wasn't real sure what it was, and asked if he...

What Is A Health Share Plan?

For the last decade, politics has divided much of the debate over how Texans protect themselves financially for the way that they receive health care. Health Insurance as we traditionally knew was...

What Makes Life Insurance So Complicated?

Let's face it.

What Is A Hospital Indemnity Plan?

We've spent time breaking down the individual components of Catastrophic Health Insurance as it is presented to Texans today on our blog. Current policies being offered are comprised of three...

What Is An Accident Policy?

When Texans are looking at health insurance alternatives, they typically do so by turning one of three ways.

What Is A Critical Illness Policy?

As Texans search for alternatives to the current health insurance exchange plans, the subject of catastrophic health insurance comes up. Many Texans are seeking a different way to do medicine by...

What are Life Insurance Living Benefits?

Life insurance can be pretty straight forward. You pay a regular premium and if you die during that term, a death benefit is paid to your beneficiary. We usually see this in the case of term life...

What Is Infinite Banking And Is It A Scam?

Life Insurance is one of the single most important policies that Insurance For Texans can offer to you. I have had a front row seat to it's importance when my dad passed many years ago, and my mom...

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