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How Does Building Cost Inflation Affect My Home Insurance?

The news headlines about the increase in building costs have been plentiful over the last few weeks. This time last year building a deck on the back of your home was about two-thirds less...

Why Is My Insurance Deductible So High?


Why Won't My Insurance Coverage Replace My Roof?

Weathering a global pandemic over the last year and an epic winter storm last month seems a tall order. The upcoming spring storms in Texas will arrive soon enough, adding to the tall order list...

Is My Insurance Policy Good or Bad?


What Are Common Landlord Insurance Mistakes?

Taking care of your primary home is a challenge in itself. 

Why Don't I Have Enough Insurance Coverage for Water Damage?

If you're new to the Lone Star State, you are probably witnessing for the first time the identity crisis that is known from the panhandle to the southern coastal tip as Texas Weather

Why Was I Denied Home Insurance?

Nobody likes to be denied something they think they should or need to have. 

Why Do I Need to Know About Home Insurance Exclusions?

In life, there are good surprises and not-so-good surprises.

Why Can't I Afford To Rebuild My Home?

Don't let the title of this post fool you. We want to make sure you can say, "I CAN afford to rebuild my home." We've said it before and we'll say it again . . . your insurance agent has to get...

What Is A Roof Schedule On Home Insurance And Why Do I Care?

The agents at Insurance For Texans are constantly speaking with home owners and the insurance companies that protect their largest asset. We field home insurance questions from many concerned...

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