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    Insure a Safe New Year’s Eve

    Posted by Chris Howard on Dec 30, 2017 8:47:59 AM

    Whether 2017 proved a year to remember or a year to forget, it will hit the door soon. 2018 beckons, and with it, many people will celebrate ringing in the New Year at home or on the town at a New Year’s Eve party.

    Whatever your plans, keep in mind these helpful hints. As your trusted Insurance Broker, we want to see you safely to 2018.

    Drinking and Driving

    If you decide to drink at all, make plans to stay away from the wheel. Designate a driver, take an Uber or Lyft, or plan on staying the night at the place of celebration if possible. Also, stay aware to the fact others won’t heed this advice and will occupy the roads. DUI arrests see a spike during this time of year.

    Getting Lost in the Crowd

    While easy to get caught up in the enjoyment of the night during a mass celebration, many forget the hard fact they drink with a mass of strangers. Keep your wallets and purses secured. Keep a cellphone handy. Use the buddy system, making sure your friends know where you are and that you know where they are in the middle of the revelry.

    Getting Fired Up

    When the ball drops, many take to lighting fireworks and shooting off their firearms. Know the legalities or illegalities of both before deciding to take part. Again, alcohol and flammable projectiles don’t mix. Don’t fear having the voice of reason at your celebration.

    Pet Panic

    We enjoy pets here at Insurance For Texans, especially the good puppy dog. We know pets and sudden, loud noises make a bad combination. Stress levels for pets go off the chart on NYE. This is a night for scared pets to make a jailbreak out the gate if not secured. Make sure you keep them inside (preferably in a comfortable room), and if possible, make sure you drown out the outside noises with by playing some calming music. If your pet has shown serious issues in the past during NYE, calming vests and tranquilizers administered by your veterinarian may make it a peaceful night for the pup.

    Do you have any NYE safety tips you want to share?

    Insurance For Texans is here for you in 2018. We'll help you with home insurance, auto insurance, and more. 

    Have fun and stay safe, Texas







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