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    Jack Frost Nipping At Your Home: Prepare For Freezing Texas Weather

    Posted by Chris Howard on Dec 7, 2017 3:57:49 PM


    Sometimes Texas fall weather decides, “Hey, enough with the 80 degree days, let’s have an overnight freeze.” For those tired of mosquitos flying around in December, we welcome this news. In the midst of celebrating some northern chill down south, let’s prep our home inside and out. You never know, Texas may give us actual winter weather that lasts for a while.


    Installing a decent carbon monoxide detector in your home is always a good idea, but especially if using a space heater indoors. Keep in mind that space heaters can pose a fire hazard inside the home. Keep them a good distance away from kids, drapes, pets, and anything else flammable. Though reports of icy weather usually send people rushing to the grocery store in error, having a few emergency supplies in the event of power doesn’t hurt. Also, keep those little ones layered up in the colder weather.


    Keep those pets inside or adequately sheltered during cold weather. Consider your pet’s length of hair. If you have a shorthaired breed and always wondered what they’d look like in a turtleneck, here’s your chance, go for it. Pet fashion has come a long way. Also, if your pet travels with you in the car, don’t leave it unattended in a cold vehicle, even if they are rocking a sweater.


    We take our pipes for granted throughout the year. You don’t want to take them for granted during a freeze. Let your faucets drip slightly. If you have a swimming pool, keep the pump operating and let the valves remain open. It’s a good idea to cover up outdoor spigots and detach and drain hoses. It’s best to let the weather warm up before attempting to use them if possible.


    If you feature flowers or plants outside your home, you can keep them protected from a freeze beneath a sheet, blanket, or breathable frost cloth. Relocating potted plants, adding extra mulch to cover the roots, and even adding a little water will help, not hurt, your oxygen producing flora.

    We never know how much "winter" weather we'll actually get, but when Texas throws us a bone-chilling bout of freezing temps, taking steps to prepare your home and loved ones will make it a little easier to enjoy the change.

    As always, Insurance For Texans exists to help with any questions you may have about protecting your home.


    Cheers to the chilly weather, Texas!

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