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    Life Insurance For Christmas?

    Posted by Chris Howard on Dec 4, 2019 4:10:32 PM

    It doesn't take watching George Bailey, Clark Griswold or Buddy the Elf on television to remind us of the inherent dangers of humans mixing with holiday emotions.

    When it comes to getting our Christmas season on, sometimes we defy all reason and put ourselves out there on the road, on the ice and on the roof, maybe not thinking about but somewhat trusting the holiday magic to keep us safe as we perform physical and mental feats of strength.

    We're also reminded at this time of year about how precious life and family can be. Maybe we are celebrating Christmas for the first time since losing a loved one. Maybe we are just glad to have all the kids around the table again after a first semester at college. Maybe it's the first Christmas together as a family, new or blended.

    Regardless, this time of year tends to bring out all the feels, and we're not talking Hallmark movies here. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Festivus, one thing unites us.

    Life is a gift.

    And though we don't have much control over the amount of years we get to spend enjoying those we love, there is a way we can extend that net of how we provide for them over the years.

    Your loved ones may have a lot of things on the list that you'd like to give them for Christmas, but have you ever considered acquiring more or better coverage on your life insurance policy or getting them their own?

    We are certain life insurance doesn't equate the a gift on par with socks and underwear. This is the type of protection will continue to make a positive impact the older it gets. Whether it's more term or whole life insurance, it's a solid gift all around. 

    Life Insurance For You

    This is always a good time of year to review what coverage you have in place and how it is set to protect your loved ones(or where it will come up short) if you are lost as the main provider.

    Has anything changed this year, say, your spouse choosing a career change which no longer affords them their own policy?

    If your role as financial provider has increased. If you didn't take out more insurance coverage when the change was made, now is a great time to consider doing so.

    This is the time of year when announcements are made. Maybe you'll find out at the dinner table that a new son-in law will join the family next year or a new grandchild is on the way.

    You may want your life policy to benefit your adult children or grandchildren in the event you aren't around to help with weddings, college tuition and other major life event gifts you would want to help with.

    If you don't have a spouse or children to gift, or even if you do, your favorite non-profit can also benefit from your life insurance policy if you deem them as a beneficiary, whole or in part.

    Life Insurance For Them

    If your spouse is now a stay-at-home parent, they play a large role in the management and health of your home and its inhabitants. Losing them would impact greatly. You want to make certain they are adequately protected and included on their own policy.

    If you are going to be a grandparent, whole life products can serve as great savings vehicles of cash accrual for your grandchildren while also providing protection in the case the worst should happen to them. You can contract a policy on behalf of a minor, but it's good to know the ins and outs.

    Fortunately, at Insurance For Texans, we do. We'll be glad to speak with you about your life, health, home and auto insurance needs. If you don't know what your needs are, we'll be glad to tell you more about where your current coverage stands and if you are adequately covered.

    As an independent insurance broker, we have options to great carriers providing coverage you need.

    No, life insurance is not the type of gift that gets the large bow wrapped around it and a national advertising campaign. However, it will certainly protect your family better than that new vehicle, diamond ring or latest tech trend.

    Before you take it upon yourself to get up on the roof, zoom for a parking space at the local Piggly Wiggly or decide to get to Grandma's house in the icy weather, cover yourself well. Give us a shout to make certain.

    A lackluster policy is like an ugly sweater. It serve a purpose for a season, but in Texas, it doesn't do you much good.

    Stay safe, Texas.








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