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    Don't Squirrel Around With Your Roof

    Posted by Chris Howard on Jun 10, 2017 7:33:38 AM

    Covering your roof in Texas should remind you of a good BBQ sauce. You want the right amount of coverage, but you don't want to ruin your brisket. If you're replacing your roof in the Lone Star State, knowing a little more about what you've got up top doesn’t hurt. Because Texas weather can take a toll on a roof due to storm damage and constant heat, consider the following before replacing.


    Ask, “What are my plans for this house?” Is this house currently your “forever home” or will it serve as a property rental or sale in the near future? Reminding yourself of the reason you purchased the home may help you decide what type of durability you want from your roofing tile. If you plan to live in the home for many years, you may not want to sweat out every hailstorm and go with a higher quality roofing option. If you plan to flip the house or sell it in a few years, you may choose ease of replacing the roof versus a more durable option.


    When replacing your roof, you may ask, “What do I want my roof to look like?” Depending on your budget and plans for living in the house, you may decide to go with lower-cost asphalt or top-of the line metal/tile. Also, depending on where you live, a homeowners’ association policy may govern what type of shingles you can cover your roof with. This may factor in to your decision on how much curb appeal you require for the roof. A third question you should ask is, “What will my new roof cost to insure?” You may have always dreamed of having wooden shingles on your Tudor style home, but your insurance carrier may think it’s a nightmare in the form of a fire hazard. Depending on your roof's pitch, you will also find limitations regarding which roofing materials to choose.


    Topsy-turvy Texas weather usually ends up hot before too long. With half the year devoted to 80+degrees, your roof takes a beating from the heat. You want to consider a roofing tile that cools as much as possible. Know what tiles are durable and able to withstand heat. Know how the color of roofing tile you choose can affect the amount of heat your home absorbs. That black asphalt tile may take longer to cool off at night than the white metal tile. Terra cotta or clay tiles may weather the heat better than most, but what will the replacement cost look like when baseball-sized hail hits?


    If your last name is Buffet, Gates or Zuckerberg, move right along. If not, the roof you select comes down to cost, doesn’t it? All things above considered, you want to make sure the roof you get doesn’t break your insurance claim or your bank. When a roof needs repair, you may want to get the process over as quick as possible and a roofer that doesn’t have the customer’s best interest in mind could help you do that quickly without considering your budget. Take the time to think about what you need up top so it doesn’t hurt your bottom-line. Make the decision based on your need for durability, preference of style, the ability of the roof to do its job and your budget.

    We see a lot of roofing claims at Insurance For Texans. We are experts in insurance and dangerous enough to know a lot about roofing. If considering a new roof, contact us and we’ll answer any questions on how your decision relates to your home insurance.


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