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True Texas Insurance. 

Our Mission

Many people are relocating to the Lone Star State and finding out what those living here have known all along . . . Texas is a big deal.
With different regions, topography, and climates from the Red to the Rio Grande River, our state is certainly anything but predictable, and that can cause you to get more familiar with Texas home insurance than you ever expected.
With the number of new Texas homeowners, businesses relocating or starting, and automobile drivers continuing to increase, having the right insurance coverage for each is also a big deal. We also help with health and life insurance to cover you and those dearest to you. 
If there's anything we've learned of recent, one of the only things that are guaranteed is the unexpected.
At Insurance For Texans, our mission is to help you brace for the unexpected by having a coverage plan which suits your needs now with a thought toward the future. We strive to make the process of obtaining insurance as convenient as possible.
Whether you are new or familiar with Texas, we welcome you to get to know our independent insurance agency to find the best values and options on the market today.
One thing is for certain when you partner with us for coverage . . . you are never alone when it comes to securing you and yours. 

Our Services


There’s a saying . . . “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait around for an hour, it will change.” There is no time that saying rings truer than our Texas spring and fall. Sometimes these seasons bring about weather that makes our home feel like the only guard separating us from harm and safety. Whether it’s hail, fire, flood or any other potential damage, we want you to feel secure about your dwelling. You must feel secure in your home coverage. Insurance For Texans can help make sense of the variety of options when choosing limits, deductibles and types of coverage. By helping you understand your home insurance, we can help protect the structure that protects you.
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As Texas roads teem with the ever-increasing population, it’s tougher to find an open road. As you commute along with the crowd, one thing is for certain; you depend on your vehicle. What happens when that vehicle is out of commission, by collision or catastrophe? Your coverage needs to be dependable as well. Insurance for Texans will help you navigate the complex on-ramps, highways and byways of auto coverage. We’ll make certain your options are as comfortable as the worn leather in your vehicle. Your road is now open. Let us help you with a quote!
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There was a day when news used to gallop around Texas neighborhoods via the front porch network. Where else could you get knee deep in your neighbor’s business in order to lend a hand? We know your role as a small business owner can make you feel isolated, needing protection when facing certain challenges in an uncertain marketplace. You are not alone. Hanging out on the front porch and shooting the breeze may be a rarity these days, but consider ours a welcome place. We’d like to mind your business when it comes to protecting it with the best insurance. Pull up a chair. Tell us what you need. We’re listening.
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Our lives are more than years. We can measure them by the relationships we hold dear, the people we influence and the person we become. Your life insurance is also more than a number. It’s more than your beneficiaries. It’s more than a premium. It is a testament to a life that chooses to keep giving beyond your years. We know life insurance is a very personal subject. It’s our goal to provide you with the life insurance solution that meets the needs of your family today and tomorrow. We’ll make certain your life insurance matches your goals for the legacy you want to leave behind.
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Healthcare laws change about as often as the weather these days. Every time you think you have your health insurance figured out, a politician opens their mouth. The great news for you is that we stay up to date with all the latest changes and have some nifty options available that can make your life better. And if you own a business, we've got options that can make the lives of your employees better too. So why don't you let us find a plan that works exactly for you?
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Here in Texas, we like to think of Stevie Ray Vaughan when it comes to the idea of The Texas Flood. However, we deal with the reality that we could face real flooding from a variety of events. Our state history is steeped in water causing damage of epic proportions. You never want to ask, "Should I have flood insurance?" near or after the fact. You want to know ahead of time what your risks are and most importantly, how to mitigate them.
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Tailgating at McLane is awesome. Having someone drink too much at your tailgate and creating a problem for you is not. Insurance For Texans works with a company that can insure you and your fellow tailgaters from loss in that event. Liquor liability coverage is a real thing. We also have the ability to help you with your wedding, bar mitzvah, quinceanera, bike race, 5K, or other events. Our programs are specially designed to make sure that you and your participants are protected no matter what happens. Let us show you how to do this in a quick and easy fashion today.
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Investment Property

Investing in property adds that extra layer of risk apart from insuring your primary residence. A lot more consideration will help when it comes to finding the best solution for your Texas property investment insurance. We are not only an independent insurance agency, we are property investors ourselves. We speak from experience which allows you to move forward in confidence with the right options, pricing, and plan to favor your budget and fit your business. Investing in property is enough hard work without having to make insuring it part of the difficulty.
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