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Buying a New Home? Know Before You Close

It's That Time of Year

Many homebuyers, realtors and lenders consider Springtime the preferred home buying season to close on a new home. Soon, many Texans will ask, “How much can I afford” before securing lender financing, a qualified realtor and eventually, their next home. This exciting process of finding a great home in a great location can prompt anyone to act quickly. Being able to afford the home that you want is worth the time spent house hunting. However, there are many things to know before you close. 

Another Question Worth Asking

Insurance brokers also consider Springtime a busy time for insuring new homebuyers. Asking "How much can I afford?" is a great question. However, many people make it to their closing date without asking another critical question. Each homebuyer should at least ask, “What will my new home cost to insure?” There are many factors that combine to determine the cost of insuring a home. You don't want to surprise yourself with increased premiums or elevated debt-to-income ratio before closing. Involve your insurance broker as soon as possible in the process of purchasing your new home.

I4T  Can Help You Close Well

At Insurance For Texans, we’re prepared to talk foundation to roof type. Because we've dealt with many issues regarding a wide array of homes, we're prepared to analyze the insurability of the potential new home you are considering. Whether you have questions about a detached garage, in-ground swimming pool, second story or anything else, we can help you with the possible impact related to your policy. Before you secure your new home, let us assist you by helping you feel secure about paying for it.

Knowledge is key. An informed homebuyer is a successful homebuyer. We want to help you close on that house. Contact us today!

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