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    Is Life Insurance the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift?

    Posted by Chris Howard on Feb 11, 2020 3:54:05 PM

    Ever since last Christmas came and went, you've probably seen grocery store shelves packed top to bottom for Valentine's Day.

    Candies, chocolates and chocolate candies . . . packaged in red, pink and white and sharing prime marketing space with stuffed animals of various shape and size.

    Don't forget the flowers. Flower shops are getting ready to let their blooms boom as the season brings about a steady stream of demand.

    Yes, marketers be marketing on the back of a Valentine's Day bonanza and our cash, debit and credit cards are all in their crosshairs.

    Are chocolates, candy and flowers not your thing when it comes to gifting your mate? Well, there are many other options aimed at you. You will find ads pushing fancy pajamas, fine jewelry and even ethereal dining and date experiences screaming, "Pick me as the perfect Valentine's Day present for your loved one".

    If you're in the market for a Valentine's gift to give or if you would like to receive a gift with a little extra meaning this year, we would like to challenge you to take a look outside the usual marketing heart-shaped bubble that usually surrounds February 14th.

    Don't get us wrong. Here at Insurance For Texans, we're not downplaying the romance to be found on Valentine's Day. We're all for it, especially when it is has to do with providing love that is real.

    In our opinion, very little says, "I love you, you are important to me and I would like to protect you to the nth degree" better than a life insurance policy meant to do just that if you are no longer around to provide financial protection for your loved ones.

    Sure, the topic of life insurance is hard to pair to a slow jam by Barry White, but in principle, it's no less romantic.

    What can you consider completely unromantic?

    Leaving your loved ones in the lurch if an illness, accident or other forsaken event should take place, that's what.

     It's better to provide necessary coverage in the form of term or permanent life insurance.

    Term of Endearment

    Guys, even if you feel like Rocky Balboa reading Shakespeare when it comes to romantic overtures, there is an easy way to say the very best.

    Ladies, if your career has you contributing all or significant income to the family bottom-line, this recommendation is for you, too.

    At the least, make certain your family is covered with term life insurance in the event of your death.

    Term insurance is a helpful and cost effective tool for hedging against the financial pain common with an unforeseen and untimely death of a family provider.

    With the understanding that your premium payments over a period (term) will provide a guaranteed death benefit, i.e., the money paid to your beneficiary or beneficiaries upon your death within that term, you give the gift of peace of mind to those you care about, including yourself.

    Defining the Relationship as Permanent

    In addition to a guaranteed death benefit, maybe you want to provide coverage beyond a limited term. Maybe you would like the premium you pay over time to help accumulate cash value for you to use in a wide variety of ways that could prove meaningful down the road.

    These options, in addition to other benefits, e.g., borrowing funds against the cash value, are available through a permanent life insurance policy.

    And though you may pay a higher premium for access to permanent life insurance policy benefits, the advantages you get over a term policy tend to be worth it to many looking to vary their coverage strategy.

    This type of policy literally could be the gift that keeps on giving.

    Love is in the Air

    If you are picking up what we are putting down in terms of protecting your loved ones with life insurance equating to one of the most loving things you can do, then consider us love experts at Insurance For Texans.

    As an independent insurance agency, we offer more access to a more variety of insurance solutions than you'll find in a box of chocolates. We'd like to meet you, learn about your family you want to protect and match you with the right policy.

    Candy gets eaten. Flowers fade. Jewelry can tarnish. Your legacy of providing can go on long after you're gone.

    Now that's love.

    Stay safe and Happy Valentine's Day, Texas.











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