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    May Storms Can Expose Holes in Home Policies!

    Posted by Ron Wadley on May 3, 2018 1:05:10 PM

    What happens to your home when the storms come? Spring storm season is upon us, and it can easily expose holes in both your home AND your home insurance. 

     The insurance landscape is constantly changing, and we are seeing some drastic effects this year. We've had fellow Texans show us changes to their home policy that meant that they essentially didn't have much coverage.

    Check Out These Potential Home Insurance Pitfalls:

    • Have they changed your Hail deductible to 2%?

    • Is your roof now going to be settled at actual cash value rather than replaced?

    • Do you have a deductible on your windows if they get blown out by hail?

    • If your gutters only have cosmetic damage will they be replaced?

    • If only half of your roof is damaged you can be left with a two-tone roof.

    Since it is spring, and since that means that storm season is upon us, you need to know how you are covered with insurance. If you are not covered well, you need to get appropriate coverage.

    Storms are usually a lot of fun to watch on the news but not so much when they're happening at your house! Spring storms can wreak havoc on both property and people - making them especially dangerous for those without adequate home insurance coverage. I

    f you haven't yet checked to make sure your current policy includes enough protection, now's the time! Contact us at Insurance For Texans today to find out how you can get top-quality homeowners' or renters' protection with just one phone call.

    Let Insurance For Texans make sure you are properly protected from all types of dangers. Even the ones you may not know about.

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