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    Pressing Matters: The Essential Guide to Workers Comp for Texas Print Shops

    Posted by Brad Hancock on Nov 27, 2023 3:41:44 PM

    In the middle of Amarillo, there's a bustling print shop owned by a gal named Mary. She's as Texan as they come - tough, entrepreneurial, and always ready with a warm smile. But recently, Mary's been losing sleep over a pressing concern: should she have really bought Workers Comp Insurance for her Texas Print Shop? It all started late one afternoon when one of her employees got injured on the job while lifting boxes of paper used in the printing process. Unfortunately, now her employee has lawyered up and she is not really sure what is going to happen next since she wasn't carrying workers compensation coverage when the injury happened. Mary realized she was in uncharted territory, and the future of her beloved print shop was at stake. This has quickly turned into a Texas sized dilemma.

    What is Workers Comp Insurance?

    Mary's worry about her print shop's future began to grow after the incident. In Texas, unlike all other states, businesses aren't required to carry workers comp insurance. So, what is it exactly? Workers Compensation Insurance is a type of insurance that helps businesses like Mary's Print Shop cover the costs associated with employee work-related injuries. It's a safety net for both employees and private employers, offering protection against the unexpected in a state where surprises can be as big as Texas itself. Nevermind the medical bills that come with them!


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    Why Does My Print Shop Need It?

    In the world of Texas print shops, hazards can lurk around every corner. From heavy machinery to the hustle of meeting tight deadlines, employees face a variety of risks. Workers compensation insurance is important here, not just for covering medical costs and lost wages for hurt employees but also for protecting the business itself. Without it, a single accident that seems unimportant in the moment, could escalate into a lawsuit. And lawsuits can threaten the very survival of your print shop.

    Are Texas Businesses Required To Carry Workers Comp?

    Here's the kicker: Texas doesn't mandate coverage requirements for workers compensation insurance at your print shop. It is entirely up to you how you want to protect your business. But Mary's predicament perfectly illustrates why carrying it in some form is a smart move for Texas business owners. When her employee had bills piling up from medical expenses and hired an attorney, Mary realized how vulnerable her business was. Even if she is completely in the clear, without workers' compensation insurance Mary now has to pay to defend the suit rather than her workers compensation insurance carrier. Workers Compensation benefits aren't just about compliance; they are about safeguarding your business's future.

    How Workers Comp Shields Texas Print Shops From Lawsuits

    In Texas, workers' comp can be a print shop's knight in shining armor against lawsuits. It provides coverage for employee injuries and medical care that results from them. The major bonus for Mary's print  shop would have been that as long as her business hadn't shown gross negligence, it prevents an employee from suing beyond the coverage limits of the policy. This cannot help but be looked at as a critical layer of protection for your financial future. This is exactly why your print shop needs a great worker's compensation policy from the beginning!

    The Essential Guide To Workers Comp For Texas Print Shops

    Who Is Covered by Workers Comp Insurance?

    Now, let's talk about coverage. Workers compensation benefits provide coverage for regular employees, but what about contract workers or corporate officers and owners? It's essential to know the ins and outs of who falls under this protective umbrella of the insurance policy.

    Regular Employees

    Regular employees, or office employees, are the backbone of any print shop. Including yours. Any full-time employee who is adhering to company policies and is integral to daily operations are defined as regular employees. These employees are the primary beneficiaries of workers compensation policy. To most of us, this seems incredibly straight forward.

    Corporate Officers & Owners

    Corporate officers or owners can also be included in workers' comp policies. many insurance companies default to not offering coverage to them, but they can definitely be included. However, their inclusion in the workers compensation policy can impact the premium, so understanding the process and cost implications is vital for any print shop owner. The last thing you want to do is create a needless increase in your workers compensation premiums.

    What Does Workers Comp Insurance Cover?

    Workers comp insurance covers a range of situations, from medical care and expenses to disability benefits, and even extends to other areas like funeral costs. Knowing what's covered is always important for print shop owners like Mary. And at the heart of every worker's compensation coverage lies the coverage of medical care and expenses. From emergency treatments in the immediate aftermath of an accident, to ongoing care, it's designed to handle the medical side of workplace injuries. But the coverage doesn't stop there.

    Disability Benefits

    When most people think of disability insurance, they think of a permanent disability that prohibits working for the rest of their lives. However, if an employee can't work due to a job-related injury for a period of time, workers compensation insurance coverage will all for the disability benefits kick in and help make up lost wages. This is incredibly important for many print shop owners as it shifts this cost over to the insurance company rather than their own PL statement.

    Other Benefits (e.g., Funeral Costs)

    Unfortunate, fatal workplace accidents can and do happen here in Texas. While they are incredibly rare in print shops like Mary's, your workers compensation insurance policy also covers funeral costs. Along with this expense, it can provide a death benefit to the family affected by this tragedy. These benefits, while somber to consider, are an important aspect of the coverage.

    Factors That Affect Workers Comp Insurance Premiums

    Every print shop owner always wants to get down to brass tacks and understand the cost of this insurance protection. The cost of workers' comp insurance in Texas varies based on many factors. It depends on factors like the type of business that you run, the number of employees, and your company's individual claims history. Understanding these factors is key to managing costs of your workers compensation insurance premium both now and in the future..

    Types Of & Number Of Worker Covered

    From corporate officers to all employees, the type of worker covered by each individual employer can be manipulated. Each category has its considerations and implications for coverage along with its effect on price. Premium is typically highly correlated to your payroll amounts, so this is where the inclusion of officers and owners can be very detrimental to your payment of premiums for the policy requested.

    What Is An Experience Modification Factor?

    We mentioned that your individual claims history can have an effect on how much your print shop will pay for their premium. This is generally true of all business insurance and likely doesn't come as a surprise. But in the world of workers compensation insurance, the claims experience modification factor can feel extra punishing when you realize that you are paying twice as much or more than your competitor down the street simply because of your claim  history. The experience mod factor plays a SIGNIFICANT role in determining premiums for your business. It's influenced by a business's claim history and reflects how seriously a company takes workplace safety. As a result, having an insurance agent that can help you implement safety training and return to work programs can have a profound impact on your cost of commercial insurance.

    How Can I Get Workers Comp For My Print Shop?

    For Mary and other Texas print shop owners, the path to obtaining workers' comp should start with an experienced commercial insurance agent who understands Texas Print Shops. Since this coverage is not just a regulatory requirement; and is a vital shield for your business and employees you want to make sure that you are properly protected. The independent agents at Insurance For Texans have worked with countless print shops around the state and understand your needs.

    Working with local, independent insurance agents like those at Insurance For Texans also means that they will shoot you straight and eliminate the bull from the equation. We work for you and not some big insurance company. Whether you are in Amarillo like Mary, or in San Antonio or DFW, we have a solution for your print shop. Consulting a professional can make all the difference, just as it would have for Mary.


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