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    Spring Home Maintenance Tips

    Posted by Chris Howard on May 11, 2017 3:48:50 PM

    At Insurance For Texans, we know the best insurance claim is to have no insurance claim. An ounce of prevention by performing home maintenance is worth saving thousands of dollars of deductible later. If you haven't already, consider these tips to prepare your home.

    Roof and Gutters

    If you haven’t inspected your roof lately, it's best to do it before the next spring storm. If you don’t want to get on the roof, hire a qualified contractor and/or utilize binoculars or a drone. Identify areas where shingles are in need of repair or replace. Sometimes asphalt in your gutters is a telltale sign of your roof needing some attention. Make certain gutters and downspouts are free of obstruction and funneling properly.

    Paint and Sealing

    Where there is wood, there is the possibility of weathering, especially when it comes to your deck or siding. Look for areas that need attention (e.g., moisture damage, splintering, wobbling). While paint can make the difference when it comes to curb appeal, a deck in poor condition can actually hurt you or your guests.


    Spring storms can whip tree branches around and even cause some trees to uproot or break in half. Make sure branches are trimmed back from your home and unable to cause damage if they break off during storms. Pay special consideration to any branches near power lines or structures in your yard.


    The shifting soil of Texas requires us to pay attention to our foundations year round. Inspect your home for any cracking on exterior and interior walls as this could indicate foundation issues. Make certain your land slopes gradually away from your home. Unless you already have a pool or decided to put one in, any other pooling in your backyard is not welcome. Make sure your foundation won’t allow any pooling around the perimeter. We are known for mosquitoes in Texas, so let’s not give them a place to breed.

    Water Heater

    We don’t tend to think about our water heaters until we have to. Unfortunately, by the time we’re thinking about them, they may have caused damage to our homes. If your water heater is in the 8-12 year old range, replace it. Depending on where your water heater is situated, it could mean the difference between major or minor damage if it leaks or bursts.

    Doors and Windows

    Reseal caulk on those doors and windows that hardened and/or softened with the varying winter temperatures. Resealing can prevent water damage when the next storm arrives.


    Since spring is about renewal, it’s not a bad idea to make certain your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries are fresh.

    You may save money in the long run by taking these steps now. That is a good reason to keep you smiling by the pool in your flip-flops this summer after the spring storms have passed.

    Contact Insurance For Texans if you'd like to know more about saving money on your insurance without sacrificing great coverage.