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    The Hidden Risks of Skipping Workers' Comp in Texas Dental Practices

    Posted by Brad Hancock on Jan 31, 2024 4:13:42 PM

    Paul sat and stared at the envelope just delivered to his dental business in Odessa. He had been in business for twenty years and never so much as had a complaint from an employee, much less been served a lawsuit. But here he sat staring at bills for medical care for one of his employees who had been bitten by a patient. They had a specific health care provider that they wanted to see and the cost was plenty high. Paul had always felt like workers compensation coverage was just not something he worried about because he felt like he could always cover any medical bills IF something was to happen at his office. He always felt like workplace injuries were a low risk and finding medical providers who could help him out always seemed like a great path rather than paying for workers comp insurance to an insurance company. But now, the extent of injury was ambiguous and the employee was seeking guidance from a lawyer. Where did it all go wrong Paul wondered.


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    You likely relate to Paul's thoughts about workers comp claims since it is not required by the Texas Department of Insurance. But the fiasco that lies in front of Paul right now highlights that on the job injuries are a little more complicated than they may appear on the surface. The workers compensation statutes can provide a false sense of security to Texas businesses if they don't completely understand what is at risk and what it costs in medical services to close that gap. Paul was finding out the hard way what was possible and what the total cost of risk was for his practice as he began to dig into additional details. Let's take a look at what Workers Comp means for Dental Practice owners in Texas before there is a report of injury in your business.

    Overview of Workers' Compensation Insurance

    Workers' compensation insurance is more than just a policy; it's a comprehensive approach to employee well being in the workplace. It offers coverage for medical expenses and replacement of an average weekly wage for injured workers. Additionally, it should involve training for workplace safety and the development of health and safety programs for business activities. In Texas, workers' compensation insurance carries unique considerations compared to other states, necessitating a deeper understanding by business owners.

    Understanding Workers' Compensation Insurance in Texas

    In the unique landscape of Texas, workers' compensation insurance is not mandated by law. However, the benefits of having this insurance are significant. It provides a guarantee of coverage for medical attention for employees who might suffer injuries or illnesses on the job. Along with that, liability coverage is capped as long as the work place is not found grossly negligent. Texas dental office owners should understand the implications of not having workers' compensation insurance as well.

    While not legally required by the Texas Department of Insurance, it is crucial for protecting both employees and the business itself. If your practice does not secure workers compensation insurance coverage as part of its risk plan, you open yourself up to sizable lawsuits under Texas law. This unique set of standards allows Texas to stand out in its approach to workers' compensation. Non-subscribing dental practices in Texas need to be aware of the potential legal and financial risks involved in not subscribing to workers' compensation insurance, which includes exposure to personal injury lawsuits.


    The Hidden Risks of Skipping Workers' Comp in Texas Dental Practices

    Importance of Workers' Compensation Insurance for Businesses

    The importance of workers' compensation insurance extends beyond basic employee coverage. It's vital in covering medical expenses and wage replacement for injured workers through temporary income benefits. Risk Control professionals play a crucial role in building health and safety programs. But a workers compensation claim is not a pass to miss prolonged periods of work.  Each dental practice should be developing a Return-to-Work program and other risk mitigation strategies to help reduce the overall financial impact on the business. This means claims for damages won't hamper your business long term. 

    Coverage for Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses

    Workers' comp insurance covers various injuries that occur in the workplace, such as bites, falls, and other accidents. When an initial claim is made, the claims adjuster assigned by your insurance carrier will begin the process of the claim investigation. This will allow a determination if it is a compensable injury and what medical benefits are available under the policy. This is done to protect you while also providing excellent benefits to certified workers. Awareness of the exceptions to coverage is also crucial, as not all injuries may fall under the purview of workers' compensation. You want to make sure that your practice is properly protected.


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    Compensation Benefits for Injured Employees

    Workers' compensation provides a range of benefits to workers who have been injured, such as medical treatment, disability, and death benefits. While a workplace death doesn't seem possible for a Texas dental practice, disability could be a risk given how important hands are in the treatment of patients. Texas Workers' Comp Insurance also plays a critical role in facilitating the safe and effective return of these employees to the workplace. The involvement of treating doctors, physical therapists, and healthcare providers is pivotal in restoring the injured employee's physical condition for a smooth transition back to work. They can also help with a reduced workload so that the employee can return to your practice in a quicker period of time.

    Determining if Your Dental Office Needs Workers' Compensation Insurance

    Dental office owners must consider the legal benefits that their practice receives from workers' compensation insurance. The annual premium amounts for coverage are some of the smallest and most cost effective risk mitigation that a Texas business can have. Paul has a much greater understanding of this concept today. Working with an experienced commercial insurance agent will not only help you understand the risks and benefits, but also how to obtain the best insurance policy for your business.

    Along with that, working with an experienced insurance agent who specializes in dental offices can lead to more informed insurance decisions. These agents help dental practices understand their unique risks and needs, assisting in selecting the most suitable insurance solutions. This is how your practice can have True Texas Dental Insurance.

    Working With Insurance For Texans

    Working with Insurance For Texans offers dental practices personalized insurance coverage tailored to their specific needs. The experience and dedication of their independent agents ensure that Texas Dental Practices receive the best possible insurance solutions, offering protection from financial losses and contributing to the practice's overall stability and growth. Whether you're in Odessa like Paul or somewhere else in Texas, our goal is to make sure that you understand your total cost of risk and how to lower it.

    To protect your Texas dental practice from unforeseen risks and ensure comprehensive coverage, either call us at 469.789.0220 or click the button below. Learn how TRUE Texas Dental Office Insurance can safeguard your business and provide peace of mind in the complex world of workers' compensation.


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