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What Does Groundhog Day and Life Insurance Have in Common?

A couple of weeks into February finds us already saying "Sayonara" to Valentine's Day. And if you missed our last post, what better way to say "I love you" than with a healthy life insurance policy.

Now that March and the spring season is starting to approach, we don't want to overshadow an annual American tradition which appears to have taken a backseat to the Super Bowl, an even larger event which happened on the same day, February 2nd.

You guessed it, we're talking about Groundhog Day, that Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania tradition of a groundhog named Phil determining whether or not we can expect a longer winter or an onrushing spring by noticing (or not noticing) its shadow.

The legend goes like this . . . if Phil the groundhog sees his shadow, we can expect more winter. If no shadow, spring has arrived, meteorologically speaking that is .

Though the celebrated tradition has been around since the late 1800's, Bill Murray did a great job of burning the title Groundhog Day and movie character Phil Connors into our psyche as the man of a thousand days who finally learns after constant repetition how not to be a jerk.

Phil learns the hard way that life is about more than he thought it was. He is unable to move beyond a single day, waking up to find himself destined to repeat Groundhog's Day in Punxsutawney over and over.

He initially treats the day with anger, with vice, with depression and finally, with empathy.

We won't give away spoilers in the odd case you are one of the ten people who haven't seen the movie yet.

However, what we take from the movie (other than a horrible caricature of a life insurance salesman in the form of Ned Ryerson) is a healthy understanding that life is precious and the people you share it with are not to be taken for granted.

Where Life Insurance Comes In

It doesn't take long for Phil Connors to understand he's stuck in a loop. With no way of knowing if his cyclical journey will be only for a term or permanent, he decides to make changes knowing that he at least has control over that.

We have the same ability to make good choices, especially if they will have a positive effect for the people, organizations and causes that are dear to us.

If anything should happen to us to keep us from being here to protect our interests financially, we will want to continue being able to provide through solid choices we previously made.

One of the best protection vehicles is found in a good life insurance policy. Whether term or permanent, a guaranteed death benefit will provide for those you love.

Where Insurance For Texans Comes In

Maybe you already have a policy and are wondering if you have enough coverage? Maybe life has changed recently and you need to reassess your policy and would like help.

That's where we come in. Life insurance is an important topic to us and we like to make sure we find great coverage at a great value.

With access to a number of carriers due to our independent nature, we are certain we can find a solution for you.

Just click for a quote or drop us a line, email or text.

We'll get you covered and out of the shadow of questionable coverage.

Here's to an early spring, Texas!

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