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What Does the English Premier League Have to Do with Insurance?

On a day when millions will tune in to watch the final four of NFL football, we can't help but stop and appreciate the American game which continues to grow here and across the pond.

Since you live in Texas and were either born here or moved here as fast as you could, you either know or will know the importance of Friday Night Lights. You either understand or will understand the importance of Big 12 and SEC conference football through the participation of the many universities within the great state. You see or will come to see a certain owner of a certain professional football team as the most polarizing general manager or the most adept marketing genius.

Football is king here in Texas and for many reasons.

Yet, there are millions who won't care to tune in to the NFL today because they cherish another great game which holds all the excitement and intrigue they could want. We know we're speaking from the factory of football here in Texas, but we can't deny the increasing influence the game of soccer is having here and has held across the world.

Two reasons we find the world game fascinating have to do with the concepts of promotion and relegation.

Our favorite soccer league at Insurance For Texans is the English Premier League. It is the crown league atop seven tiers of soccer leagues. It is the league commanding the most attention, the most lucrative contract for players and the most income making potentials for owners.

What the NFL is to American football, the English Premier League is the same for soccer, but with world implications. The best players from across the world will eschew leagues in their own country to play in the Premier league.

Teams in the EPL fight tooth and nail to stay in the league, knowing if they finish in the bottom three, they will be relegated to the league below. Conversely, the top three placing teams in the league directly below will rise to join the EPL the next season.

It is a merit-based system and allows for teams from lower leagues to not just dream of getting to play in the highest league, but to actually have a hand (or foot) in making it happen.

Let's take the best example of our American-tiered system of sports. Imagine the three worst-performing teams in baseball being sent down (relegated) to triple-A and the best three triple-A teams joining (promoted) Major League Baseball this season. Doesn't that raise the stakes for all teams involved? Once you have a taste of the big league, wouldn't you fight tooth and nail to stay there? If you were relegated, won't you do whatever possible to get back to the top level?

The reason why we like this . . . there's no room for complacency. As an independent insurance agency, we take the same mentality.

We aren't a big box insurance agency trying to sell you a one-size-fits-all policy which really doesn't work for you. We won't get comfortable or complacent believing we have the best offering in town because we have a national commercial that will air in front of millions today. We won't take your insurance needs or desire to get the best coverage for the best value possible for granted because we know there are many other agencies out there who would like your business.

We'll fight tooth and nail to pair you with the best policy whether you need coverage for homeowners, auto, life, business or health insurance.

Find out more about what makes our local, independent agency team skilled enough to compete with the big national brands in the world of insurance but just the right size to treat you like family. Our access to a variety of choices for your needs helps our agency compete at the highest level. 

If you aren't receiving the best treatment possible regarding your policies, maybe it's time to relegate your current provider. We can help determine gaps in coverage or tell you if you are properly protected. Give us a ring, text, email or drop in or simply click the button above to get a quote.

Enjoy the games today, whether they are here or across the pond.


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