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    What is Professional Liability Insurance?

    Posted by Brad Hancock on Jul 17, 2023 3:39:45 PM

    Professional Liability Insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance or Malpractice Insurance, is a form of insurance that provides coverage to professionals and businesses against claims of negligence, errors, and mistakes in their professional services. In today's litigious society, professionals such as doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, real estate agents, financial advisors, and many more are common targets of lawsuits. These professionals provide expert advice and services to their clients and are expected to uphold a certain standard of care. In the event that a client suffers financial losses or alleges professional negligence, professional liability insurance can protect the insured from the costs associated with legal defense, settlements, or judgments. This insurance coverage helps professionals and businesses protect their reputation, financial stability, and overall business operations.

    What is Professional Liability Insurance?

    Types of Professional Liability Insurance

    There are two main types of professional liability insurance that protects professionals and businesses against claims of negligence, errors, and omissions that may lead to financial losses for clients. Those two types are claims-made policies and occurrence policies.

    1. Claims-Made Policies: These policies provide coverage for claims made during the policy period. For example, an architect who purchases a claims-made policy in Texas would be covered for claims made against them during the time that the policy was inforce between the start date and end date. However, the policy must be active when the claim is made. If you are making a change from one company to another,it is important to understand what the retroactive date is for the policy. The retroactive date is the specific date from which the policy starts covering claims based on the date of the incident that produces the claim. If a claim is made for an incident that occurred before the retroactive date, it will not be covered even if your policy is currently active. If you are exiting the business, you will want to ensure continuous coverage after you leave for any claims that are made then. You can accomplish this by purchasing an extended reporting period, which provides coverage for claims made after the policy expires.

    2. Occurrence Policies: These policies provide coverage for incidents that occur during the policy period, regardless of when a claim is made. For example, if an architect purchases an occurrence policy in Texas and an incident occurred during the policy period, the claim will be covered even if it is made after the policy expires.

    Understanding the difference between claims-made policies and occurrence policies is crucial for professionals and businesses to choose the right type of professional liability insurance that suits their needs and provides adequate coverage against claims of negligence or mistakes.

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    Ways That Professional Liability Insurance Covers You

    Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions insurance, is a form of insurance that provides coverage for professionals and businesses against claims of professional mistakes, negligence, and misconduct. In Texas, professionals that are high wage earners can be common targets of lawsuits if a client feels that you have made a mistake that costs them, making professional liability insurance essential. It protects professionals from financial losses arising from legal fees, court judgments, and settlements related to such claims.

    For example, a real estate agent who fails to disclose a property defect resulting in financial losses for their client may face a lawsuit. In this case, the agent's professional liability insurance would cover their legal expenses, court judgments, and potential settlements.

    Whether you are a medical professional, financial advisor, architect, graphic designer, or any other professional providing advice or services, professional liability insurance is crucial in protecting your business and personal assets.It offers peace of mind and financial security, ensuring that any potential claims of professional mistakes or negligence are adequately covered by insurance companies and not your personal bank account.

    Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance?

    Professional liability insurance coverage is essential for businesses and professionals who provide professional services or advice. This coverage protects them from potential lawsuits resulting from claims of professional mistakes, negligence, or misconduct.Professions that typically require professional liability insurance include medical professionals, financial advisors, architects, graphic designers, real estate agents, and many more. In some cases, certain professions may have legal requirements or certifications that mandate this insurance. For example, medical professionals are often required to have medical malpractice insurance to protect against claims of medical negligence.

    Having professional liability insurance is vital for businesses and professionals as it safeguards their personal and business assets from financial losses arising from legal fees, court judgments, and settlements related to professional claims. Without this coverage, they could face substantial financial and reputational damage in the event of a lawsuit. It not only protects their business and assets but also provides peace of mind knowing that they are covered in the event of professional misconduct allegations or mistakes.

    Types of Professional Liability Coverage

    There are different types of professional liability coverage available, tailored to specific industries and professions. While some professions may refer to professional liability as malpractice and others may call it errors and omissions, the types of coverage items listed below will apply to your profession depending upon what is appropriate for your job. While you may not need copyright infringement coverage specifically for your profession, that can fall under an error in another profession. It is essential to understand the specific risks associated with your profession and select the appropriate coverage to safeguard your assets and reputation in the event of a lawsuit.

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    Errors And Omissions Insurance

    Errors and Omissions Insurance is an essential form of coverage that protects businesses and individuals against allegations of inadequate work or negligent actions. The importance of Errors and Omissions Insurance lies in its ability to provide financial protection when mistakes or omissions occur. Errors refer to mistakes or inaccuracies in the advice or services provided, while omissions are the failure to provide necessary advice or services altogether even if the mistake or omission was an accident.

    By having Errors and Omissions Insurance, professionals can safeguard themselves against potential claims of negligence or errors in their work, protecting their reputation and financial well-being. It covers legal expenses, including attorney fees and court costs, as well as any settlements or judgments related to a claim made against the insured party.

    One of the benefits of Errors and Omissions Insurance is the variety of coverage options available. Professionals can customize their policies to suit their specific needs and industry requirements. This ensures that they have adequate protection against potential claims and can focus on providing quality services to their clients without constant worry about legal issues. With the right coverage options in place, professionals can continue to offer their services confidently, knowing they are protected against potential claims and financial losses.

    Monetary Damages

    Monetary damages play a crucial role in professional liability insurance, providing compensation to the injured party in cases of professional negligence. When a professional fails to meet the expected standards of care or breaches a duty owed to a client, the client may suffer financial losses. These losses, also known as monetary damages, are awarded to compensate for the harm caused.

    In a professional negligence claim, the injured party seeks compensation for various types of financial losses. These losses can include lost income or business opportunities resulting from the professional's errors or omissions. Medical expenses incurred due to the professional's negligent actions may also be included in the monetary damages. Property damage can also be covered if your advice causes a property to become unusable or unsafe. Additionally, legal fees needed to pursue the claim or defend against it can be covered.

    Monetary damages are a critical component of professional negligence claims. Professional liability insurance provides coverage for these damages, protecting professionals and their businesses from potential financial losses while ensuring that injured parties receive the compensation they deserve.

    Punitive Damages

    In the realm of professional liability insurance, punitive damages are additional damages that a court may award to punish a defendant for their egregious behavior or to deter others from engaging in similar actions. Sometimes you will hear this referred to as pain and suffering. In Texas, punitive damages have been subject to significant limitations due to tort reform. The maximum that can be awarded per plaintiff is $250,000.

    It is important to understand that while punitive damages are capped at $250,000, monetary damages are not! This means that professionals and business owners face a greater risk of financial hardship from the actual damages awarded by a court, rather than additional punitive damages. Because of this, it is still essential to have professional liability insurance in place to protect against these potential liabilities and ensure the preservation of personal assets and reputation.

    Professional License Defense

    Professional license defense coverage provides crucial legal representation and defense costs in the event that your professional license is at risk of being revoked or suspended due to allegations of professional misconduct or negligence. This coverage ensures that you have the necessary resources to defend your professional reputation and livelihood.It offers peace of mind knowing that you have access to qualified attorneys who specialize in defending professionals facing licensing board investigations or disciplinary actions.

    Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, accountant, engineer, or any other licensed professional, the risk of allegations of professional misconduct is real. Professional license defense coverage ensures that you can navigate the complex legal process and potentially save your career and livelihood in the face of such allegations.

    By including professional license defense coverage in your professional liability insurance policy, you can protect yourself against the potential financial and reputational damages that can arise from professional misconduct allegations. As a professional or business owner in Texas, would you rather have to track down your own legal representation, pay for it out of pocket, and hope that it all works out?

    Legal Expenses Coverage

    Legal expenses coverage is a vital component of professional liability insurance, providing financial protection for the legal costs associated with defending against claims of professional negligence.When faced with allegations of professional misconduct, legal expenses coverage ensures that you have the necessary funds to hire experienced attorneys, cover court costs, and potentially settle or pay judgments. These expenses can add up quickly and have the potential to be financially devastating without suitable coverage.

    Attorney fees, court costs, and settlement or judgment payments are some of the legal expenses that are typically covered by this insurance. By having legal expenses coverage in your professional liability policy, you can confidently defend yourself against claims of professional negligence without bearing the burden of exorbitant legal costs up front.By including this coverage in your policy, you can defend your professional reputation and livelihood without the fear of overwhelming legal expenses.

    Common Industries That Purchase Professional Liability Insurance

    Common Industries That Purchase Professional Liability Insurance

    Professional liability insurance coverage, also known as errors and omissions insurance, is an important form of insurance protection for professionals and businesses that offer professional advice or services. Let's take a closer look at some common industries that purchase professional liability insurance to mitigate their exposure to potential legal claims and ensure their financial stability.

    Healthcare Providers and Facilities

    As a doctor, mid-level, nurse or owner of a healthcare facility in Texas, it is essential to understand the importance of professional liability insurance. Healthcare professionals face unique risks in their daily practice. Even the most skilled and dedicated professionals may occasionally encounter situations where patients may suffer unintended harm or injury. In such cases, patients may choose to file lawsuits seeking compensation for their damages.

    This coverage not only provides financial protection but also professional and legal support throughout the entire claims process. By having professional liability insurance in place, healthcare professionals can mitigate the financial risks associated with lawsuits. This coverage can help cover legal expenses, damages, and compensation for injured parties, protecting the business and personal assets of the healthcare provider or facility.

    In recent years, many solo-practicing doctors have been told that they cannot be sued for more than $250,000. As a result, they carry lower limits of coverage in an attempt to save money on their policy. As we noted above, monetary damages are not capped and can greatly exceed $250,000. Our advice to clients is to make sure that you have at least $1,000,000 in per claim coverage so that you do not get burned by a really poor legal take.

    Real Estate Agents and Brokers

    As a real estate agent or broker in Texas, it is crucial to recognize the significance of professional liability insurance. Professionals in this field, who often earn high wages, are common targets for lawsuits. Professional liability insurance for real estate agents and brokers safeguards against claims of negligence, inaccurate advice, breach of contract, and wrongful termination. It provides financial protection and legal support throughout the claims process. If a client alleges that you provided inaccurate information or advice that resulted in financial losses, this coverage helps cover legal expenses, damages, and compensation for the affected party.

    When considering professional liability insurance as a real estate professional, it is crucial to assess specific types of coverage. If you're writing contracts, providing disclosures or helping facilitate large transactions, how quickly could you simply miss a detail? What if that detail cost your client that dream home along with all of the equity that they thought that they had?

    E&O insurance will not only help real estate professionals cover those losses, but also help obtain legal expenses coverage. This coverage assists with legal fees associated with defending against claims and lawsuits. It ensures that you have the necessary financial resources to defend your professional reputation and protect your business interests.

    Financial Professionals

    For financial professionals, having professional liability insurance is of utmost importance. Your role as a fiduciary in the financial sector means that people can serve you with a lawsuit if they have a bad experience. Professional liability insurance provides them with vital protection against claims related to the rendering of professional services.

    Having errors and omissions insurance protects against claims of professional negligence or mistakes in providing financial advice. This coverage ensures that if a client claims that your advice resulted in financial losses, you are protected from legal expenses and potential damages.

    Industries within the financial sector that typically require professional liability insurance include investment advisors, financial planners, tax consultants, accountants, insurance brokers, and mortgage brokers. These professionals need the financial protection afforded by professional liability insurance to safeguard their businesses and reputations.

    IT Professionals and Technology Companies

    For IT professionals and technology companies, professional liability insurance is of utmost importance. One specific type of coverage that IT professionals should consider is Technology Errors & Omissions insurance. This specialized policy is designed to address claims unique to the technology sector. It covers claims related to software or hardware failures, breaches of data security, intellectual property infringement, and other technology-specific risks.

    In addition to having the right insurance coverage, it is equally important for IT professionals to carefully review and resist proposed changes to indemnification language in technology contracts. Indemnification clauses can potentially shift the liability for damages onto the IT professional or technology company. By using their own forms with strong indemnification language, they can maximize their protection and minimize their exposure to unnecessary risks.

    By investing in professional liability insurance and ensuring strong indemnification language in technology contracts, IT professionals and technology companies can protect themselves from potential financial losses and reputational damage. It is a crucial step in safeguarding their businesses in today's rapidly evolving technological landscape.

    Lawyers Malpractice

    Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions insurance or lawyers malpractice insurance, is a crucial form of coverage for attorneys in Texas. Similarly to doctors, when it comes to professional liability insurance for attorneys, it is recommended to have a higher minimum limit of coverage. While the standard requirement for most professionals is $1,000,000, attorneys may need a minimum of $1,500,000 in coverage. This higher limit ensures that attorneys have adequate protection against potential claims and lawsuits.

    Professional liability insurance provides coverage for a wide range of claims that attorneys may face. This includes negligence claims related to their advice and services, such as giving inaccurate advice or making mistakes in legal documents. It also covers claims of professional misconduct, breach of contract, and even claims of wrongful termination or discrimination.

    Having professional liability insurance gives attorneys the peace of mind that they are protected financially against legal expenses, damages, and other costs related to potential claims. It is an essential safeguard that allows attorneys to focus on providing quality legal services to their clients without the constant fear of lawsuits.

    How To Obtain Professional Liability

    While the professions listed above are susceptible to claims of liability in work performed, that list is not exhaustive. If you are considering professional liability coverage for your work or business, we recommend working with an expert independent insurance agent who has a deep knowledge of your industry. People choose to do business with you because of your vast knowledge in your field, and this is no different. The agents at Insurance For Texans can help you find the coverage that you need to make sure that you can sleep at night. Click the button below to insure your business.

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