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    What Makes Life Insurance So Complicated?

    Posted by Chris Howard on Aug 31, 2019 11:13:45 AM

    Let's face it.

    Sometimes life feels like you are an elephant walking a tightrope with a giraffe on your back.

    Life tends to be more enjoyable the less complicated it is. It's very rare someone seeks out complication as a hobby. If you know that person, steer clear.

    Each season of life has its own set of complications. Wherever you are in life, whether a young, single, twenty-something or a seasoned retiree, you have your own unique set of challenges ahead of you.

    But, if you are concerned about making certain you provide for others in the case of your departure from this life, you have the same needs: Protection for your loved ones and/or your loved interests in the form of life insurance.

    Maybe you have a family you'd like to start. Maybe you have grandchildren. Maybe you have a charitable organization that is near and dear to your heart that you would like to benefit in the case you are not around to give to it.

    Whatever it is that moves you to want to give beyond your ability to be here on Earth to give, you have options in the form of life insurance.

    But isn't the subject of life insurance too complicated?

    Breaking Down the Complication

    We've never seen a time like the present where there are so many life insurance products available to so many. You may have questions about what type of policy is right for you. This is where it is easy to get bogged down into the weeds and feel life insurance is too complicated.

    For instance, you may have a lot of questions.

    Will term insurance fit your needs? What about a permanent policy? You may ask what kind of return you may get from a life insurance policy, because there are policies which have an investment component to them.

    It really boils down to what your needs are at present and what you think they will be in the future. Some characteristics of all policies will require you do some thinking about time, cost and features.


    Every policy has a time component. When you purchase a policy, you are doing so based on the years you would like an insurance carrier to cover in the case you die. If you die within the time frame, a death benefit is paid out. Like we mentioned, there are many options to policies (usually in the form of a rider) where you can extend your policy, including the time component. This leads us to the other major characteristic common across all policies. Cost.


    You will pay for a life insurance policy relative to the type of coverage, options and return you are wanting. The price you pay is usually based on what your needs are at the time you contract the policy plus what you believe you'll need in the future.

    If you plan to get married and have a family, maybe you decide to pay the extra premium to have cash accumulation in your policy.

    If you don't plan to get married and you want to make sure your parents aren't riddled with debt for your continued education, shared loans or other, then maybe a term life insurance policy works for you.

    Cost is dependent on you knowing what you want and possibly need.


    Life insurance has come a long way from simple offerings of term and whole life. Your life insurance policy can serve as an investment vehicle, asset protection and wealth generator.

    There are many features available in policies today which can serve alone or alongside your other financial solutions.

    From simple policies to more complex, each policy has features unique to the type of policy it is.

    We Can Help

    At Insurance For Texans, we know where life insurance questions can get tricky. When it comes to helping you, know that we are comfortable deep in the forest of details but we also can see well above the tree-line to know what solutions may best fit you.

    We'll be glad to help you take a subject which may seem complicated and add a little more simplicity to your life in the form of peace of mind.

    Give us a shout and we'll help you out.

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