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    Does Texas Home Insurance Cover My Grapevine Home's Foundation?

    Posted by Ron Wadley on May 21, 2020 5:26:35 PM

    The shift is on in Grapevine, along with the majority of the D/FW Metroplex. We are on common grounds, and that ground is moving. 

    Foundation issues occur all around us and result in people looking at their insurance to solve the issue of repair cost. 

    However, there are things related to foundation your insurance will and will not cover. Different insurance carriers approach the issue of foundation problems differently.


    When you consult with a structural engineer about placing piers beneath your foundation to aid in supporting and correcting how your home sits, knowing what is not covered is crucial. 

    Piers are costly and the expense falls on you. That's why you want to water your yard on a regular basis to keep your home from excessive shifting. Like water to our bodies, watering your foundation is critical to the health of your home structure. 

    Also not covered, sewage backup. Yes, this situation stinks and is a mess to deal with. Anyone facing this knows the situation feels like it should be covered by your insurance. The mess hits the fan when they find out it isn't covered by foundation coverage or the general home policy. 

    A separate sewage and drain back-up policy is your best help in this matter. 


    Some insurance carriers offer options to help repair leaks and issues related to putting piers in place. Policies for foundation water coverage can be added by endorsement to your policy, and you get the relief of knowing slow leaks related to leveling your foundation are covered. 

    Though your wallet is on the hook for the pipe repair, the work necessary to excavate the foundation to do the repair and the subsequent sealing of the excavated area will have coverage provided. 

    What Will Be Covered By Your Home Policy?


    The great news, sudden/accidental water issues beneath your foundation are covered. 

    Any sudden leak, for instance, if you are standing in your shower and feel warmth under your feet without turning on the warm water, will have coverage under your base policy. 

    If a plumber is attempting to locate a leak in your foundation, this helps to know. Keep in mind, in order for this coverage to be applied, damage to the interior of the home must have taken place. 

    If the problem is caught, but no clean up is required, you are on the hook for the repair. 

    In regard to the foundation of your home and water coverage, the situation can become complex. 

    Working with a local, independent insurance agent who has the ability to bring an array of options to the table along with a great price and coverage works to your advantage. 

    Let's talk soon. 


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