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    Proper Home and Auto Insurance Make a Merry Christmas

    Posted by Chris Howard on Dec 1, 2017 12:00:00 PM


    Christmas decorating and the name "Griswold" go hand in hand. In National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswold shows how a little inspiration and a whole mess of Christmas lights can brighten up a house (and the season) so much, you can see it from space. Real nice, Clark.

    He also shows us the need for proper home insurance and auto insurance

    Before you release your inner Griswold, Insurance For Texans offers a few helpful hints to keep the cheer factor high and the trips to the emergency room low. 

    Up On The Rooftop, Click, Click, Click

    Do you spend a lot of time on your roof? Do you spend a lot of time on an extension ladder? Probably not. This is the one time of year when you may brave the heights to string the lights. Not only should you check to make sure you are a) using lights that work properly, b) using plastic or magnetic hooks instead of staples/nails, c) inspecting your outlets and plugs, you should also make certain you stay safe on the ladder and roof. Use a buddy system when using a ladder, or consider hiring a professional. If you use a professional to install outdoor Christmas lights, make sure they have the proper insurance and worker's compensation so you don't foot the bill on an accident. Also, make sure you know what your healthcare insurance covers in case you should have an accident.

    Oh Christmas Tree

    With the U.S. Fire Administration claiming the Christmas tree as the most ignited item during the Holiday season, you want make certain your tree (real or artificial) will not go up in flames. Check your lights, making sure you don't have circuit shorts or frayed wires. Set a timer just in case you forget to turn off the lights to the tree before bed. And, not to forget a famous movie scene, If you decided on a real tree, you might want to take an extra look to make certain you're not bringing rabid wildlife in the house. Squirrel!

    Grandma Got Run Over By An Impatient Driver

    It's crazy out there. Nothing can ruin the Holiday spirit faster than a parking lot full of impatient drivers. Crowded stores, long lines, and traffic can concoct a perfect storm of rudeness and risk taking. Make sure you keep your head on a swivel in the parking lots and on the roads. Turn on that Holiday music to combat the stress and relax when the world around you wants to invade your space with a shopping cart or SUV. You don't want a fender bender or major accident to put a dent in your Christmas.

    You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

    Even the fairest neighborhood may see theft increase this time of year. While we may wish glad tidings to our fellow man, thieves look to get their hands on your wallet, purse or purchases. Take precaution, don't leave items in your vehicle or deliveries on your doorstep for an extended and unprotected amount of time. Lock you car. Lock your house. Set up security cameras if you expect a lot of deliveries or notice an increase in theft in your neighborhood. 

    We know the Christmas season is not limited to these risks. If you have any questions about home and auto insurance (or, if you just want to tell us your favorite thing about Christmas), give Insurance For Texans a call, text or email.

    We're always happy to talk Business and Life Insurance as well.

    Merry Christmas, ya'll.


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