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Is Raising My Deductible On My Home Insurance A Good Idea

Texas home buying season is in full swing. That means that people who bought their home in the past are likely to be up against a renewal. Insurance For Texans is having conversations with Texas homeowners daily about ways to save money. One common question that pops up revolves around is raising my deductible on my home insurance a good idea. Premiums savings sound awesome, but Ron explains in this video why it might not be such a great idea. Let's evaluate some math.

Is Raising My Deductible On My Home Insurance A Good Idea

So the reality is that saving a couple of hundred bucks has a great deal of appeal. Thunderstorms come all year long in Texas, and we are one hail storm away from your pocket book being thousands of dollars lighter.

When you work with an Independent Insurance Agent like Insurance For Texans, you will have options of different companies to find savings rather than cutting coverage. No one deserves to pay too much for insurance, but paying thousands of extra dollars in a deductible is positively criminal. To speak with an independent agent today to determine your options, click the blue button below and let us show you how to save money and keep your deductible.

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