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    What if the Sewer And Drain Backs Up in My Grapevine Home?

    Posted by Ron Wadley on Apr 15, 2020 7:42:37 PM

    Sewers present a stinky situation in most cases. They especially create a stink when they backup into your home. 

    We know this is not out of the range of possibility for Grapevine home owners and their insurance policies. 

    If you don't have an optional coverage naming Sewer and Drain Backup, experiencing a backup, not knowing if you are covered against it, and finding out you aren't is as stinky as it gets. 

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    If your house is now a cesspool due to a sewer line backup, the question becomes where did said backup originate?

    Was it an inside or outside job in reference to your foundation?

    In most cases, your homeowners policy doesn't cover issues outside your foundation unless you've specifically asked your insurance company to cover it, a.k.a, "endorse" it with additional coverage and cost. 

    Simply stated, the main sewer line running from the street to your home is not protected by your policy. 

    It's time to think outside the pipe. Optional coverage is required.

    Clogs come in all different reasons and sizes. Tree roots, flushed items that should not be flushed, and bad plumbing can wreak havoc and reek to high, holy heaven at the most inopportune time. 
    So, how much coverage do you need?
    At a minimum, we recommend $10,000 and if your home an older model without updated plumbing or on a septic tank, $25,000 is recommended.
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    Insurance For Texans doesn't want you to experience this stinky situation, and if you must, we want you to have the fresh air of knowing you are covered when it comes to the repair and cleaning. 

    Since this is just one of many other optional coverages, Insurance For Texans is confident we can access our large network of carriers as an independent agency to make sure you are covered against the situations most don't know or think about. 

    Reach out to us and we'll reach in to find you the best options. 

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