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    What Kind of RV Insurance Do I Need As A Full Timer?

    Posted by Kevin Hall on Sep 26, 2023 12:06:36 PM

    I enjoy the RV Life! Since the days of purchasing my first bumper-pull travel trailer to use as a second office in DFW to upgrading to a fifth wheel to be able to take my “house” with me anywhere, I have totally bought in to this recreational vehicle lifestyle. I have enjoyed getting to know the other guests in the RV parks or the various state/national parks we have frequented. The RV folks just get it when it comes to neighborly hospitality. RV culture seems to harken back to simpler, kinder times when you knew your neighbor by name and would drop anything to help each other. My fellow RVers take pride in their “rigs” and enjoy sharing their escapades from out on the road while seeing this vast, diverse country.


    How Many People Are Part Of The RV Life?

    More than 11.2 million people across the country own an RV of some type, and approximately 400,000 choose to live in them full time as their primary residence according to the RV Industry Association. The RV and camping industry’s spike in 2020 continued in 2021, with over 66 million people camping in the US and over 8.3 million trying it for the first time, according to this 2022 camping report. Collectively, campers spent nearly $44 billion in local communities while on their camping trips.

    RV life is gaining serious attention. The 2020 North American Camping Report found that four in 10 campers are more interested in making their rig a permanent residence after the pandemic. One in 10 infrequent campers is considering full-time RVing. The report also found that travelers are eager to spend time outdoors with their friends and family. Also, 60% of travelers think it’s now critical for their kids to experience the great outdoors. The sentiment suggests a long-term growing interest in the RV lifestyle. And we couldn't be more happy!

    What Kind of RV Insurance Do I Need As A Full Timer?

    RVs As Primary Residences

    A Fort Worth Star-Telegram article from September, 2023 says, “The people who choose RVs as long-term residences generally want to travel", said Monika Geraci, spokesperson of the RV Industry Association. There are retirees who wanted to see the country, or families who decided to take advantage of a transition to virtual learning during the pandemic and take their kids on the road to explore parks and monuments. And of the people purchasing RVs and travel trailers, Geraci has also seen a new trend — buyers are getting younger, and they’re becoming more diverse. The median age to buy an RV used to be 53. It dropped to 41 in 2021, and to 32 in 2022, Geraci said.

    More and more RVs are being sold to more diversified buyers. RV’s are getting more complex and more expensive as manufacturers are trying to get an advantage on their industry competitors and grow their market share. If you can think about any horn, bell, and whistle, most likely they all will be in an RV. While this becomes amazing for the lifestyle, it is changing how RV insurance companies view your needs on an RV insurance policy.

    Full-Time RV Insurance 

    These houses on wheels are a big investment with many different risks. It’s important to get the right insurance that will cover your RV risks. Whether you're part time or full time. Whether you have a Class A, B, C RV. Whether it's a bumper-pull, 5th wheel or coach. Or maybe a pusher, a puller, or pop-up. How do you know that you have the correct insurance coverage to cover your risk? Do you have an insurance agent or a 1-800 call center? A dedicated, independent insurance agent is an advocate that will sit down and help you find the best coverage for your rolling “Chateau-on-the-go?”

    A great insurance agent who understands the RV Life will ask questions like:

    • Are you going to live in your RV full time?
    • Do you want approved value coverage or scheduled coverage (depreciated value)?
    • Do you want higher RV roof coverage, the most exposed risk other than the frame itself?
    • Do you owe money on your RV?

    These questions allow your professional to understand your liability insurance needs along with other items. Did you know that insuring your rig through your auto insurance policy does not cover full time use? Did you know that not all RV Insurance Companies cover full time use? Did you know  that you can get Gap Insurance for your rig if you owe more than it's worth? This is why you need an insurance specialist who understands your rig and your needs!

    RV Insurance Coverage Options

    One thing that people often misunderstand when they first evaluate insuring their RV is the huge variety of options available. This means that when they call that 1-800 number call center for an insurance quote there are many optional items that can drastically change the cost of RV Insurance. These additional coverages may seem expensive at first, but can change your entire view if you need roadside assistance in the middle of the night. Here is a list of optional comprehensive coverage items that you should consider before purchasing a policy.

    • Roadside assistance
    • Total loss replacement
    • Replacement Cost Coverage 
    • Personal effects or Personal property coverage
    • Vacation Liability Coverage (for the part-timers)
    • Full-timer liability (for medical expenses for injuries in and around your RV)
    • Emergency expense coverage
    • Pet injury coverage
    • Roof protection
    • Pest damage protection

    How Can I Get The Best Price?

    Making sure that you get the best price is always important. But we also need to make sure that you have the right coverage for the types of RVs you have as well as how you use them. A great price isn't so helpful when your insurance company finds out that you live in your rig full time and they deny your insurance claim since they don't offer "full-time RV insurance". Even though it was for something  on the standard coverage list.

    The great news is that we can help secure discounts for your RV as well. While not exhaustive, this list can get you started on what matters when considering your options.

    • Multi-policy discount
    • Good Driving History
    • Discount for getting a quote at least one week before your policy starts
    • Discounts for being the original owner of your RV
    • Discounts for paid-in-full RVs
    • Prompt payment discount
    • Paperless discount

    We at Insurance for Texans have resources where we can tailor your coverage to fit your specific RV lifestyle and make sure your rig is properly covered. We know that Camper Vans are different from Truck Campers, and can make sure that you're covered if natural disasters strike while you're on the road. We work with a number of insurance carriers that provide great coverage.

    Give us a call at 469.789.0220 or hit the button below to get started on a conversation with me. I will be taking care of you from my fifth wheel!


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