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    Why Was I Denied Home Insurance?

    Posted by Chris Howard on Feb 10, 2021 7:16:49 PM

    Nobody likes to be denied something they think they should or need to have. 

    It's even worse when you're denied for something you thought you already had. That's why it's always a bit jarring when filing a claim only to find out you don't have the adequate coverage on your policy. 

    What about not being able to retain an insurance policy at all?

    When it comes to home insurance, it's usually not common to think about it in the terms of something you can't get. 

    Policies are written every day for all kinds of situations to cover all types of scenarios, people and property. 

    How in the world could I be denied for home insurance?

    Unfortunately, if you are having to ask that question, you've run up against a bad realization. 

    Yes, when it comes to your home insurance, behavior and other factors do matter. 

    Insurance carriers are prone to mitigate risk, and if they've qualified you or your property as too risky to offer insurance, it usually means at least one of several things.

    You're the Problem

    Filing too many claims, say 2 filed within 3 years, signals to an insurance carrier that you are on the other side of the equation from where they want you to be.

    If those claims have anything to do with water causing damage to your property, your risk profile is certain to go up even more. If you make claims that turn out to not be payable, that counts against you too.

    Always ask your local, independent insurance agent if it is worthwhile to file a claim before ever doing so. 

    Also, missing premium payments are a red flag to carriers in addition to intentional or unintentional misleading information filled out on your insurance policy application. 

    These both signal to your carrier to label you as a high-risk and could lead to denying coverage or even canceling current coverage. 

    And since dogs are part of the family, certain breeds may present a problem to insurance carriers, resulting in them denying coverage due to the risk they perceive. 

    Your Property is the Problem

    As a property owner, you are responsible for keeping it maintained. 

    If the structure becomes unreliable, say, having a poorly instructed roof installed, your carrier can deny or cancel coverage upon inspection. 

    A suspect electrical system can also help carriers turn you away. 

    If the property isn't enough to be concerned about, the area you live in, say in a high-crime area, could potentially keep certain carriers from writing you a policy. Crime doesn't even have to factor in. The fact that you live in a flood plain can give carriers pause and cause them to deny coverage. 

    We Can Help With the Problem

    Insurance For Texans, located in the Grapevine/Colleyville area, has access to a variety of carriers providing policies for the mainstream and the streams that cut a little crazy. 

    If you find yourself at present time without coverage or fear you won't be able to obtain, let's talk. 

    Yes, you may have to pay a higher premium to cover the risk associated with your property or how carriers perceive you as an insured, but the price you pay for not having insurance can make the extra you pay for coverage pale in comparison. 

    No matter where you are in Texas, we can find a policy just right for you.

    Stay covered, Texas. 











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