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    Are You Paying Too Much For Grapevine Home Insurance?

    Posted by Ron Wadley on May 11, 2020 8:41:09 AM

    At Insurance For Texans, we like to know why a possible new client in Grapevine is searching for new coverage with us. 

    As you can imagine, the answers vary, but we do see some commonality, and usually that is centered around price. 

    Who doesn't think about price these days? Buyers have more options than ever and the elusive better deal is sometimes not elusive at all. 

    Are You Paying Too much For Home Insurance?

    People don't want to overpay. Plain and simple. You'll see the majority of advertisements focus on helping customers save money. $300 billion a year spent on advertising proves this to be the case. Companies want to keep saving money front of mind, and when it comes to saving money, they want to stand out ahead of the competition to bring that buyer in-house versus going with someone else. 

    For the consumer, the question still remains, am I paying too much? Trusting the companies that advertise to them isn't the best strategy. It takes a bit of work, especially when it comes to home insurance. 

    Are You Actually Protected?

    You may already know the three most important things to consider regarding your homeowners insurance.

    Hail and the effect on roofs, loss deductibles and fully rebuilding after a loss are three main concerns. Another area where homeowners get bent out of shape has to do with water coverage. Your price savings on premium can add up to nothing if you aren't covered for the damage water can do that will drain your wallet faster than you can say restoration. 

    Are You Actually Covered?

    In the Last 3 to 5 Years, Have You Shopped?

    Company loyalty is not always rewarded these days. Teaser rates usually help to onboard a new client and then price creep kicks in. Think cell phone, cable bill, or internet. Seen any price increases lately? This happens with insurance as well.

    Did you know that a slight 15% increase each year lends to your bill doubling every five years? With that as the case, we recommend shopping your insurance to see reduction in your premium about every 3 to 5 years. The 3 year mark can equal the right time for rewards from carriers because of your loyalty as a long-term customer and help rid that premium cost creep. 

    Independent Insurance Agencies are Where Its At

    We'll say it loud and proud. As a local, independent insurance agency, we have access to options and that's good news for you. We caution you to avoid giving your information to services online that will shop out your insurance for you and give your name to just about anyone. That's one way to get annoyed very quickly as you receive phone call after phone call (or repetitive emails and texts).

    Instead of that, Insurance For Texans protects your information while we shop for you. We'll present you with multiple options and address any concerns you have on price while making sure you have answers to the questions we posed above. 

    Independent Insurance Agents Give You Options

    Who doesn't want the best coverage and the best price?

    Having ways to find that balance is what makes us a good friend to have when it comes to homeowners insurance.

    There's no big corporation we report to. There's no particular product we're being told to sell. We are your neighbors a stone's throw from Grapevine located at Grapevine Highway and Main Street.

    Let's chat and find you that good insurance you're looking for. 

    I Need The BEST Home Insurance

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