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Building Ordinance Does Matter On Texas Home Insurance Policies

There are certain line items that Texas homeowners question when we cover a quote proposal or do an annual review of a policy. Building Ordinance is one of those items. Some late season thunderstorms rolled through Dallas-Ft Worth on Father's Day that produced some powerful winds. While the National Weather Service is determining whether or not they were actually a tornado, home owners are left to clean up the damage from the storm. The damage appears to be immense in certain neighborhoods. So what happens if your home is deemed structurally unsound by the city and your home has to be torn down and rebuilt?

Building Ordinance Does Matter On Texas Home Insurance Policies

Ft Worth Home Insurance policies include Building Ordinance, which is going to be a major player for you in this scenario. Because this is a ruling coming from the city code enforcement office, your building ordinance portion of the policy will cover the demolition and clean up. This is why Insurance For Texans agent spend time covering these bases for you. We want you to have the proper coverage at the best price. As Independent Insurance Agents, we can accomplish this for your home no matter which part of town you live in. Call us today to schedule a time to do a review of your home insurance policy.

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