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    Burleson Independent Insurance Agent!

    Posted by Ron Wadley on Feb 22, 2019 10:37:58 AM

    When considering where to shop for Burleson home insurance, you have many options. There are a multitude of websites that you can visit that offer you a policy right this very second. Another option are the behemoth companies that advertise using things like sheds and professors. And then finally there is what is known as an independent agent. So which one is best for you? Let's take a quick peek at what matters and why.


    Direct to consumer websites are everywhere. Seems every company has them and you can something instantly. That can be a great thing. But do you know and understand what you are getting or is it just a guess? We have helped many families who come to us AFTER a claim goes wrong and they end up eating a huge repair bill because they didn't actually purchase what they thought they did. It's not an indictment on you or them, it's simply that licensed agents have training to make sure that you get what you need. When your pipe bursts, you want to KNOW that it will get repaired.

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    The behemoth companies offer some great products. The agents are generally trained on systems to make sure that you obtain appropriate coverage. And those companies offer great insurance products and have deep pockets to pay claims. But there is also a catch. The agents of those companies are labeled as captives in the industry because they are only allowed to sell for that big label and no one else. So what happens when the rates start to inch, or sky-rocket, up? They don't have an alternative option to offer you. The only way to keep those prices down is to take coverage away. They also don't have an ability to account for some of the "unique things that make you you" as Dr Seuss says. The days of being with a single company and policy for many years just doesn't happen that much any more.

    So that leaves us with our final portal to getting good coverage. Insurance For Texans is an independent insurance agent, which offers a wide range of companies and policies for home insurance. As a result of that myriad of options, an independent insurance agent can craft a solution as unique as you and your home. They can also offer an alternative if the rate creep begins to happen. That means you can maintain a relationship with a group of folks while being able to shop the marketplace. The better part with a group like us, is that we promise to not charge you a broker fee like some independent agents do.

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    So look for a group who you can work with long term to make sure you are properly cared for and so that you know that you've got appropriate coverage at the best price possible. If you'd like to speak with someone today, just click the button below to start that conversation!

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