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    Does My Grapevine Home Insurance Cover My Trampoline?

    Posted by Ron Wadley on Jun 1, 2020 6:36:41 PM

    Bluebonnets are blooming and you know it's spring in Texas. You'll start to hear more people take to their backyard these days, especially in backyards as nice as they can be in Grapevine.

    There are a few commonalities to backyards in Texas. Kids, dogs, fire ants to name a few. You will also find swimming pools (it's the Texas heat ya'll) and trampolines. 

    Swimming pools and trampolines are both a fun thing to have, especially for the kids and the young at heart. 

    Both can keep the kids occupied for hours (and away from screen time) and that's especially helpful in a world where social distancing is a reality. 

    It's unfortunate that the price of having so much fun does have a bit of a cost associated with it when it comes to your home insurance policy premium. Let's talk trampoline today.

    Does Texas Home Insurance Cover My Trampoline

    Safety Measures

    If you buy one of these bouncing circles, here's a couple of safety measures you'll want to put in place. 


    Securing your yard is priority number one. In the days of kids eating Tide pods, it's not a far stretch to think someone of the same mentality could enter your backyard to do some flips on your trampoline. What if they destroy it? What if they fall off? What if they have the bright idea to steal it? Insurance carriers know this can and has happened. 


    Kids don't bounce to stay low. They bounce to get as high as they can. Some double bounces send them soaring higher than they can control. You want them to stay on the trampoline and not suddenly airborne off of it. Side netting protects and insurance carriers like extra protection. 

    You've probably seen pics of trampolines caught on a windy, stormy day that have wound up as part of a homes façade. There are easy ways to prevent this. You don't want your trampoline to become a giant tossed pizza. Nobody has hands that large.


    Sure, your kids are the most responsible in the world. What about those neighbor kids? What if the numbers on the trampoline add up and you have several bouncing at the same time. An adult who supervises will make sure as the excitement ramps up, common sense still prevails. 

    How this effects Home Insurance

    Some of our forward-thinking home owners ask about this. One things we know for certain, some companies refuse to cover you if you have a trampoline in your backyard. 

    This is a sticking point for them. 

    As an independent insurance agent, we can tell you who those companies are. 

    You'll want to know if a carrier will suddenly drop your coverage if they find out about your ownership of a trampoline. 

    If they don't drop your coverage, they may cover everything else except for the trampoline. 

    There is a difference and you'll want to know the conditions. 

    Regardless, if you own or are about to own a trampoline, follow the suggested safety precautions. Then, find out if there is an additional charge to have it in your backyard. Odds are you will find because of the increased risk for a medical claim and personal liability, an increase in premium will apply. 

    There are some companies that won't care and will cover you anyway. 

    As a local, independent insurance agent, we know you have options, and that's why we're here. We'll find the best options for you so you and yours can keep bouncing while knowing whether you're covered. 

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