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    Questions About Texas Home Insurance

    Posted by Chris Howard on Jan 8, 2022 5:39:24 PM




    The way you go about obtaining the best Texas home insurance is not just relying on your agent, but make certain to ask the questions which will help you and determine the best coverage for you. 


    It’s always a goal here at Insurance For Texans to inform our friends, neighbors, and clients on the best solutions which stem from informed decisions based on answering good questions. 


    Maybe it’s because we have some former teaching backgrounds in the house. Or, it could be that one of us is married to a doctor. 


    Regardless, good information is key. 


    At the same time, we get it. Insurance isn’t the most lively topic. You want it when you need it. Other than that, you are talking about something else at dinner. 


    However, to make certain you have what you need when you need it, here’s a quick investment of your time that can yield that comfort of knowing your policy protects your property and your interests. 


    Here are several questions we’ve helped many clients answer. They are also questions which are surprisingly asked more than others. 

    Why is homeowners insurance so expensive in Texas?


    What “expensive means” is in the eye of the money-holder. You may have familiarity with rates from a decade ago when you were in the market, or you may have moved here and found rates higher than you expected in comparison to your previous state of residence. 


    What should my wind and hail deductible be?


    Life in Texas means your homeowner's insurance policy will have a wind and hail deductible. This gives rise to a  common question about the appropriate amount for you to pay out of pocket when severe weather events occur. 


    What is a scheduled roof payment?

    One recent phenomenon that Insurance For Texans has noticed is the fact that many policies sold in North Texas now include a Roof Payment Schedule or Depreciation Schedule. This means your roof claim settlement will be changed from Replacement cost coverage to Actual Cash Value when you have damage to any part of your home's structure, including roofs! How does this work according to insurance guidelines?

    Why is my insurance company only replacing half of my roof?


    Insurance carriers often offer policies with low premiums at the expense of good coverage. Often, homeowners find out that the fine print they signed doesn’t present a fine situation come claim time on an expensive roof repar. 

    What do all other perils deductibles mean?

    Texas homeowners insurance policies have three deductibles, including one for All Other Perils. This deductible comes into play for all claims not covered by a Wind and Hail or Hurricane/Named Storms deductible. You want to know when it comes into play and what it covers.

    These are just several questions asked on a regular basis to Insurance For Texans. 

    Here’s a helpful overview of the best Texas home insurance. Of course, we are always happy to jump on a call or even text with you about any questions you have. As an independent insurance agency, we don’t have to sacrifice service for size and we like to know our clients by their first name. 


    We still think that emulates the true Texas spirit, and we intend to keep it that way.