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    Why Use A Broker?

    Posted by Ron Wadley on Apr 2, 2018 5:01:39 PM


    You are unique. So are your needs.

    You, the consumer, are a very unique individual. As much as big companies would like to make you think you need what everyone else does, your situation is not like anyone else. As Dr. Seuss said, "You are the youest you". As a result, you may not need the same insurance coverage that your neighbor does.

    Your home, your family, your life . . . all unique.  

    "You are the youest you." - Dr. Seuss

    When you head to the local convenience store, do you want them to offer many flavors of soda and candy bars, or are you fine if everyone drinks a Dr. Pepper and eats a Twix? A major chain insurance agent only has one option to meet your needs, while an insurance broker can hit that Snickers fix when it matters most.

    Options mean that the best kind of policy can be obtained for you at the best price

    Is your home brand new? Has your income changed through the years? Has your family size changed? Has your roof been replaced recently? These are all questions that we ask over time. You see, the bottom line is that as those things change, so do your insurance needs.

    As an independent broker, working for you and not a big corporation, we can match your needs and concerns with the best solution. We're your custom tailor of insurance coverage. And when prices or needs change, we've got insurance options for you.

    Older homes or homes with flaws will not be covered by some companies. Brokers can always find a market for you.

    Home insurance is one of the biggest purchases of protection that you will ever make. For most Texans, their home is the biggest asset they own. It's vital to protect it from catastrophe. If your home is more than a few years old, some companies will not want to insure you as easily since things can begin to go wrong. Maybe you fell in love with a home with character. Character generally means quirks to insurance companies.

    Having the ability to identify and properly deal with age, imperfections, and character is something not all agents are equipped to handle. As an independent broker, Insurance for Texans can easily help you find a solution to meet those situations, warts and all.

    What if I've never heard of the company?

    We often hear, "I've never heard of that company before" when discussing proposals with our clients. While we work with a myriad of companies in many different shapes and sizes, we work to match your needs with a company and policy.

    Many of these companies don't have the same name recognition of your major "Name Brand" carriers for one simple reason: They don't spend millions and millions of dollars on advertising to sporting events. This translates in to cost savings to you, the consumer. Would you rather do business with a company providing you the best options at the best price or the company sponsoring sports and passing those costs on to you?

    As with other kinds of insurance, multiple tools can be used to cover you in the best way possible.

    Have you ever spoken with an agent of a major "Name Brand" insurance company and felt great about one piece of the insurance pie, but were left wondering how they can't offer a total package that meets your needs? There is an old saying that "When you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail".

    As a broker, we have many tools in our tool belt that can meet your needs. We can select different policies from different companies, if needed, to meet your individual needs effectively. As a result, you know that you can have your specific needs addressed in the most effective fashion from both a coverage and price stand point.

    We'll help you find the coverage that fits your unique situation. You can help us get started by pressing the button below. 

    After that, feel free to celebrate with a Dr. Pepper and Twix. Or a Snickers.

    It's your call.

    I Want Options!


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