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Best Texas Home Insurance Companies

Insurance for Texans agents have spoken with thousands of Texas homeowners about their home insurance through the years. Every one has a unique set of needs that they require to be addressed. We work hard to do that. But one of the common questions that is asked is which is the best company to do business with for them. The other variation on the question becomes is this a good company to use. The answers to both of these questions lies in experience and perception. Since every insurance company has a disgruntled customer of some sort and the internet gives everyone a voice, the complainers are easy to find. So let's look at how we answer this question for you, the individual.What Are The Best Texas Home Insurance Companies?

Companies Serve Niches or Target Populations

Different companies have different emphasis in what they try to deliver, and fortunately, we can offer you a wide array of options. A company like Travelers is going be focused on a market segment that is looking for full replacement cost and comprehensive coverage for your home, autos, and other household possessions. While they can insure individual items, they are interested in the bundle that is often mentioned. A company like Bankers Insurance, is not worried about the bundle since they do not even offer auto insurance. They focus on brand new homes and provide a great option for those in that market place. If your home is older, it may make sense to use a company like State Auto who will likely be able to offer you a comprehensive policy to address your unique needs.

Not All Policies Are The Same

One thing that we have to address with Ft Worth homeowners is what they need to protect specifically. If your home has a pier and beam foundation rather than a slab, some coverage needs will be different. There are also very different needs if you have a metal roof rather than a three tab shingle. We start from the premise that you will need full replacement cost on your home in the event of a total loss. But what options are you interested in beyond that? Since different companies present different optional coverage choices, choosing the best company can be a matrix.

Is your home insurance claim covered and handled well?How Do They Handle Claims

In the end, the one thing that matters most is how a company responds when it is actually time to use them. And that happens when a claim is made. We speak with a lot of adjusters and customers regarding their claim experiences. We know that certain companies have internal claims adjusters while others use third party adjusters. We know that the process is likely to move slower with certain companies. We know that some companies have settled lawsuits for denying claims. In the end, our job is to match you to a company that treats you how you want to be treated.

How Do You Choose Who To Use?

Our agents understand that you have a lot of choices. You can shop the internet. You can work with a local agent. You can call a 1-800 number. We recommend a consultation about your needs and your exact situation. The call centers and websites are going to focus only on price. And while it is important, it's more important to know that you can put your life back together if a claim happens. Some agents only have one solution available to them, while others have a myriad of options. We're biased since we are able to offer you options, but we recommend working with a local Independent Insurance Agent to make sure that you are offered a solution to your situation rather than being sold something that doesn't fit. Most importantly, work with someone who puts your interests first.

If you haven't looked at your home insurance policy in a while, now is a great time to review it with a professional. The agents at Insurance For Texans are trained to help you understand what is available to you and how to best protect your prized possessions. Schedule a time to talk today!

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