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    Does homeowners insurance have optional coverages?

    Posted by Ron Wadley on Mar 1, 2019 11:47:51 AM

    One of the first questions that homeowners ask us about their Burleson home insurance policy is do I need all of "this stuff"? The answer is maybe. The only true way to answer that question is to determine your needs and wants so that they can be matched against what is available to you. One thing to keep in mind is that some parts of the policy are required to be included and some are not. You will have to have dwelling coverage to make sure that we can rebuild your home in the event of a loss. But let's take a look at some of the other optional coverages that can be included, especially the ones that we recommend.

    Burleson Home Insurance policies have optionsThe list of optional coverage on a homeowners insurance policy is almost endless. You can pick and choose from any number of things known as endorsements to your independent insurance agent.

    Identity Theft or Fraud, scheduled property like jewelry, building alterations, earthquake, glass coverage, foundation coverage, mold coverage, loss assessment, golf carts, home based businesses, eco-upgrades, solar panels, watercraft, or even equipment breakdown.

    As you can see, the list is long, and we didn't even try to be exhaustive. All of the ones above are very important to the right person. We would like to draw extra attention to a small handful that we really recommend for every Texas home owner.Ring Binder with inscription High Priority on Background of Working Table with Office Supplies, Glasses, Reports. Toned Illustration. Business Concept on Blurred Background.-1

      • Sewer and Drain Backup - If your sewer line backs up into your house from outside the foundation, guess what. Yeah, you need this optional coverage to get it cleaned up. None of us want to even think about this one, but it is that important!
      • Building Ordinance - Our goal is for your policy to be as efficient as possible with your dollars. When you have a claim and are required to pull permits with the city to repair it, they can make you bring your entire house up to current building codes. This means you don't have to pay for it out of your pocket and the cost for this endorsement is very inexpensive.
      • Seepage and Leakage - This coverage is often one of the most talked about when speaking with prospects. The dreaded slow leak is covered by this coverage. That could be in your foundation, the p-trap in your spare bathroom or a drip from an AC pan in the attic. Our goal here is to make sure that the insurance company is paying the repair crew rather than your pocket.

    Those three coverage options are all very important as they can cost you tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket, and all home owners can benefit from the coverage. It's important to find an independent insurance agent who can help you determine what is and is not important to you and your family. If you would like a review of your coverage, feel free to contact Insurance For Texans to find out how to make your coverage work for you!

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