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    Can You Be Denied Home Insurance in Grapevine?

    Posted by Ron Wadley on Jun 9, 2020 10:18:21 PM

    You may have concerns as you go through the claim process. After all is said and done, question may arise.

    • Will your premium go up?
    • Could your policy be canceled?
    • Can I actually have a policy denied?

    You want good answers to these questions and we want those for you too.

    A great insurance policy for your Grapevine home is the goal and you don't want any barriers. 

    Can You Be Denied Home Inusrance?

    Denial: Not a River in Egypt

    When Insurance For Texans puts a policy together for you, we have to find out information about the home, whether it is a new home for you or the one you currently live in. This is done through obtaining a CLUE Report. It combines all of the claim history on the property and on YOU.

    Why is this important? It helps to determine if a certain insurance company will decide you and the property are worth the risk to insure. 

    Too many water claims on a property? That spells out trouble to an insurance company. Expect a denial. 

    What about claim history related to you? Did you get in the habit of making a lot of small claims because of a low deductible? You may see a denial for this situation as well. 

    Even though claim history tends to vanish from your record at the 3-5 year mark. It depends on the company looking to insure you to determine that by what they look at. 

    Insurance companies want to protect themselves from insurance fraud and if you have anything related to a fraud conviction on your record or bankruptcy, they may deem you too much of a risk. 

    Previous cancellations or non-renewals by other companies could also lead to a denial of coverage. 

    This history does follow you.

    What To Do?

    We know stuff happens and we're not here to judge. We're here to find you coverage options and value. 

    The thing Insurance For Texans can do as an independent insurance agency is to search through our wide network of those who will provide coverage, albeit maybe with some exclusions or restricted coverage so as not to repeat past issues. 

    We can also advise on the Texas Fair Plan, a state mandated program which offers coverage to people as a last option. Multiple carriers will have had to issue you declination statements that you will need to submit. Expect minimum coverage in this case and probably more expensive than typicla coverage. 

    The upside, you and your home will be covered. 

    Independent Insurance Agents have options that can keep insurance on your Burelson home

    If there is any uncertainty regarding your coverage or you are currently shopping due to buying a home, let's talk. You will want to have the assurance when life throws curveballs or hailstones your way. 

    We don't work for big companies here at Insurance For Texans. We work for you. Let's find you the right coverage. 


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