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    Does Homeowners Insurance Require An Inspection in Grapevine, Texas?

    Posted by Ron Wadley on Oct 21, 2020 9:35:33 PM

    You're fed up with rate increases on your home insurance premium and plan to shop for a new insurance carrier. 

    Then you get reminded of the home inspection required to go with a new carrier. You don't like that idea. One thing we tend to do is put lipstick on the pig of an aging home. We know it's getting old and breaking down around us, we just don't want someone to tell us that, especially a thorough inspector who will probably tell us more than we want to know. 

    Worse, what if they find a lot wrong. Could they refuse a new or nullify an existing policy?

    Does Homeowners Insurance Require An Inspection in Texas

    Why Do Home Inspections Exist Anyway?

    We get questions about why Grapevine home insurance carriers have to do home inspections for insurance reasons ALL THE TIME. 

    We know what they are looking for, whether exterior or interior. 

    They want to know how good of shape your home is in and what risks exist to your home to evaluate the proper level of coverage needed and the insurability of the property and dwelling. 

    Don't we do the same thing when in the market for a used car? We may bring along someone we trust to evaluate the condition of the vehicle. 

    Consider the inspector an expert home "tire-kicker". 

    The home insurance carrier doesn't want to take on more risk than necessary, and since it will be their dollars on the line in event of a claim, it makes sense for the inspection to happen. 

    What If They Find Something? Will They Cancel Me?

    When the home inspector tallies his list of problems and prepares a report to issue to the insurance company and your agent, you are given 30 to 60 days to remedy the issue or find an alternative coverage solution.

    We usually recommend repairing/remedying the issues. This helps your home stay insurable and safer to you. It's your choice, but this gives you plenty of time to work with your local, independent insurance agent to resolve the situation.  

    Home Inspections May Not Be Required, But They Can Be Helpful

    Homeowners Insurance Doesn't Always Require An Inspection

    Though it's extremely common, a home inspection is not actually a requirement for a home insurance policy in Texas to get issued. 

    No existing statutes or laws command it. It used to be your local agent would come and snap photos of your home prior to issuing a policy. 

    That practice fell away and full time property inspectors filled the gap to evaluate newly insured homes. 

    There are plenty of insurance carriers writing policies in Texas that Insurance For Texans has access to. Some of them require inspections, others do not. It also depends on the carrier regarding how deep of a look they take. 

    We can point you in the direction of carriers strict and not. But first, let's discuss your needs and options. 

    Just click the button below and we can get rolling. 

    I Need The BEST Home Insurance

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