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    Does My Grapevine Home Insurance Cover My Golf Cart?

    Posted by Ron Wadley on Sep 24, 2020 8:12:41 PM

    Many people from other states have heard the sirens call of Texas, landing in parts all over the state where new construction has boomed in record number. 

    They long for a more affordable use of their home buying dollar and are cashing out big in many cases from overpriced properties in places like California, Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts. 

    The land in Texas to find the master planned community.

    Many times there is a golf course associated with said community, but not always. Regardless, with the size of these communities, the amenities designed to cater to homeowners and their families, and a desire not to fire up the suburban every time they visit the neighborhood pool, they just might fire up the family . . . golf cart. 

    Yes, it has become more common to see people carting around. But do they know what happens if forbid one of family wrecks the golf cart? 

    You'd be right to assume  your Grapevine home insurance policy would lend the protection for someone driving their golf cart around the neighborhood. Are neighborhood roads really that dangerous? It's not exactly highway traffic there!

    Yes, the policy does give coverage for carting around, but it does get rather specific and a bit limiting on both the cart and the liability associated with it. 


    A Matter of Course

    Carting around on a Texas golf course in a rented, borrowed, or self-owned golf cart is covered by your home insurance policy. You would be liable for damage to other people's property and person and responsible for restoring back to rights. 

    This is where your personal liability on your policy will help for repairs. If you crash your cart into the clubhouse, your policy will help, but it won't repair your reputation!

    The one downside, your personal liability in this case won't pay to repair or replace your own golf cart if you are at fault. 


    Proper on Property

    Your golf cart is also covered by your home insurance on your property. You don't have to register your low-speed golf cart with the DMV. 

    They are classified along the lines of a riding lawn mower. So what happens if you hit a guest with your cart? Medical payments and personal liability cover to care for your guest who might choose not to come back for the next BBQ. 

    This is the same type of coverage that would apply if you ran into your guests car while they were parked in your driveway. 

    Again, not great for relationships, but at least there is coverage. 

    There is a caveat to be aware of. If you hired someone to shuttle people in your cart, that is deemed business on your property and you basically threw your protection aside. This is an important exclusion to remember before planning that next community pool party or neighborhood event using your golf cart where you've hired teenager Russ as a hired shuttle driver for the night. 


    Low Speed Vehicle Insurance Protects Your Financial Well Being

    Taking it to the Streets

    While in the master planned community, if you are no longer on the golf course or your property, your coverage . . . vanishes. Unless, however, the policy you have is specifically endorsed with coverage for this use. 

    Losing this protection opens you up to a potential lawsuit if you were to cause damage to person or property, so how do you protect yourself?

    If you or your teenagers or kids are commuting around the community, you should consider having a low speed vehicle policy. 

    This is an inexpensive way to insure peace of mind by providing both liability and property coverage if you or yours cause an accident.

    Take a look at your 13-year old child and their friends and ask yourself if they really wouldn't treat that golf cart like a dragster if given the chance? Yes, we thought so. 

    Insurance For Texas, a local, independent insurance agency, exists to help you with your home insurance, even the wild and wacky situations. We hope you find this tip helpful and if you'd like more Texas Home Insurance Tips, just click the button below to check out our YouTube playlist. 


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