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How Do I Make an Insurance Claim For Personal Property in Grapevine?

Because we can expect late season storms in Texas, we aren't surprised by calls concerning tornados. Yes, even here in Grapevine.

This is the side of a wind/hail coverage to a different level for us at Insurance For Texans and the homeowners we help to cover. 

Damage to roof and other exterior items is one thing, but when that damage reaches inside to the interior of the home, the situation gets a little more personal. 

This is where homeowners find personal property coverage very helpful to recover. 

How does this work?

How Does A Claim For Personal Property Work For Home Insurance

One very important thing to note, personal property will be included in the claim regarding tornado or windstorm. There is not a separate claim. 

The good news: This is covered involving a single deductible. 

However, this process could get awkward for a home owner. 

 Keep in mind this would only apply if you have a major loss due to fire or other catastrophe. Here are some of the steps to take:

1. Devise a list of damaged, destroyed, and missing personal items. Include the age and value and estimate if needed. This inventory list could easily be uploaded online to make it easier when dealing with the stress of the situation

2. Make sure the adjuster has access to the list in order to determine the value of the items for your payment

3. Your insurance carrier issues a check for the actual cash value of listed items. But wait, you ask, isn't this a replacement cost policy? Yes, and here's where it gets awkward. The carrier will release the money for you to start replacing your personal items

4. Make sure to gather receipts of your purchased replacement items. Your adjuster will need to have these submitted to him/her to reimburse you for the remainder of the money you require to fully replace the items 

5. Receive the reimbursement check to bring you back to whole

While this may not be the most streamlined of process, this is how the carriers have to do this so they are making certain they are only paying to replace items you replace. 

They like to protect themselves from fraud which protects you from large hikes on your premium.

Questions about this or other questions you have about your home can easily be answered by contacting us at Insurance For Texans. As an independent insurance agent, we have access to a marketplace of options to fit your need.

Some things are too important to not know. We want to help cover you while making it easy to understand the coverage you have.  

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