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    Not Having Flood Insurance Can Put Your Finances Underwater

    Posted by Chris Howard on Jan 28, 2021 8:01:39 PM

    Flood insurance.  When buying a home, purchasing insurance to cover flooding may not exist high on the radar unless you've grown up in an area known for flooding or if you are moving to the coast or next to a sizable body of water. 

    However, with 90% of declared disasters coming out of the Presidential office related to flooding, we need to wade into a bit more deep water regarding coverage. 

    Flooding Happens All Over Texas

    As we Texans know, and as many new Texans are finding out, we live in a diverse topographical state. Coastal area, plains, hills, canyons - we have them. Regardless of where you live in Texas, if a hurricane and the related weather systems can reach you, or if a lake can overflow - flooding can happen and happen quickly.  For many Texans without coverage, this means deep trouble, especially when you know how much flood damage can occur in Texas

    Here's the kicker. Even if you don't live in a flood zone, the flooding doesn't have to happen from an epic event like a 100-year storm. No, a flood can happen from a damaged window allowing water in during a major windstorm or hailstorm. Compounding further disbelief, 20% of flood insurance claims actually stem from homes located in a lower or moderate flooding zone. 

    Before flooding damage occurs, you'll want to know what coverage you have by provisions in your regular home insurance or whether or not you need supplemental coverage in the form of a flood policy. 

    Waiting Could Cost You

    The time to think about and find coverage for flooding is well before the flood occurs. Unfortunately, the interest skyrockets as the weather channels begin to mention and track hurricanes by name. The only way to protect your home and belongings from rising water that enters your home is by having a flood policy in tow. 

    Insurance carriers know this demand doesn't work to their advantage to supply. They have a 30-day waiting period in effect before you can contract coverage, meaning once you know the name of the storm bearing down on your coastal home, it's already too late to cover it from flood.

    We'll Keep You Above Water

    As an independent insurance agency, we at Insurance For Texans know what options you have for flood insurance. If you are required to have flood insurance on your policy, just want to have it, or have no idea about either of those scenarios, we can help you determine the best options.

    When the water rises expectedly or unexpectedly, it will prove worth it to know what protection you have, even if you don't end up making a claim. 

    Keep your powder dry, Texas. 

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