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    When Disaster Strikes Your Dental Chair: The Right Coverage Matters

    Posted by Brad Hancock on Dec 27, 2023 10:12:54 AM

    None of us like surprises. I'm sure that you feel appreciated when your dental office staff surprises you with a moment of gratitude for the amazing work culture that you've created. But you know we were not talking about those kinds of surprises. None of us like to think about or deal with those surprises that wreak havoc on your business. Remember the great deep freeze in 2021? Or maybe you've had the pleasure of a massive hail storm or tornado? Yeah, those are the surprises that were talking about.

    David is a proud owner of a thriving dental practice right here in the heart of Dallas-Fort Worth. David has been blessed and his office is equipped with the latest dental equipment - chairs that can rival a space shuttle's comfort, state-of-the-art X-ray machines, you name it. But like many Texas business owners, David had that moment when disaster struck. A pipe burst overnight, flooding his office and destroying his expensive equipment. David faced a nightmare situation: the cost of replacing all that gear was a bill that was much more difficult to stomach all at once. That's where TRUE Texas Dental Office Insurance comes into play, ensuring that a headache doesn't turn into a financial disaster. Let's look at how to make sure that you are not eating the dental equipment costs if disaster hits your practice.


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    What Does My Business Owners Policy Cover?

    Now, you might be thinking, "I've got a Business Owners Policy (BOP), I'm covered, right?" Well, let's dive into that. A BOP does more than just cover the basics like general liability and commercial property insurance. It can include cyber liability policy, which is vital these days, especially with patient records being online. Then there's umbrella liability coverage, giving you an extra layer of protection, like a trusty Stetson in a rainstorm. And don't forget professional liability insurance – it's like having a good pair of boots; you hope you never step in something nasty, but you're glad you have them if you do. But here's the kicker: while your BOP will cover business personal property, aka "your expensive equipment", it might not be enough to cover all your high-end dental gear.

    So, let's tackle the big question: is all your expensive equipment covered by your BOP? The truth is, it's like checking the oil in your truck; you need to get down and dirty with the policy details. Most Business Owners Policies have a base coverage limit for business personal property and that is usually not going to fully cover even your X-Ray machine. So make sure you understand the limits and the coverage specifics. Sometimes, the coverage might fall short of what your state-of-the-art equipment is worth.

    How Can I Make Sure And Cover My Expensive Dental Office Equipment?

    As David learned the hard way after the flood, having the right insurance for your dental equipment is as essential as a good pair of cowboy boots. You've got to consider the true cost of replacing your equipment. One of the problems besides the total limit on the amount of coverage that you may have, there can be a limit on the purchase of any individual item that has to be replaced. This can create a real problem with those high end pieces of equipment. Think about "inland marine" options to get around these limitations. It's like a jewelry floater that you carry on that expensive wedding ring that you don't want to replace. A small amount of money can change that scene in a hurry. These can be your financial lifelines when the unexpected happens.

    When Disaster Strikes Your Dental Chair: The Right Coverage Matters

    What Is Equipment Breakdown Coverage And How Is It Different?

    Ever wonder what happens if your equipment just decides to give up the ghost? That's where equipment breakdown coverage comes in. It's different from your standard dental equipment coverage. It's like comparing a rodeo bull to a show pony – both are horses, but they're not the same thing. This coverage kicks in for specific kinds of mishaps, like electrical or mechanical breakdowns, which aren't typically covered under regular property insurance. You will need to do the proper maintenance on your equipment over time. But if you do, the business insurance company will get you squared away with either repairs or replacement. It's a great deal when your entire business is built on expensive equipment! 

    What Is Business Interruption Coverage?

    And finally, let's talk about business interruption coverage. Remember David? His practice was flooded from the pipe and he had to replace all of his equipment as a result. But he also had to close for a couple of weeks because the contractors needed time to reconstruct his office. Business Interruption coverage is like having a safety net when your main act can't go on. This business insurance can cover bills, payroll overhead, and other extra expenses that you may not be thinking about before the great flood occurs. It helps keep your practice financially stable. It's different from property insurance because it focuses on the aftermath of the damage, not just the damage itself. David was wishing he had this coverage as he was trying to juggle the fallout.


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    So How Much Business Personal Property Insurance Do I Need?

    Figuring out how much business personal property insurance you need is like deciding how much barbecue to cook for a family reunion – it's better to have too much than not enough. Consider all the gear in your office, from the dental chairs to the computers. If disaster strikes, like it did for David, you'll want enough coverage to get back on your feet without skipping a beat. It's important to have an understanding of the average cost to replace the most expensive equipment that contains electronics. Those items are where most dental practices can get stuck in this storm of circumstances.

    Covering your equipment is all about finding the right fit. It's like choosing the right horse for the trail you're about to ride. Use the different types of coverage, each with its benefits and limitations. Proper maintenance of your equipment is as important as keeping your horse well-fed and shod. And when you're ready to saddle up with equipment breakdown coverage, make sure you know what scenarios it covers. Along with this, understanding whether you need specific items covered separately with an inland marine policy can make all the difference in the world.

    Understanding Your Needs and Risks

    In the dental industry, risks are as common as tumbleweeds in West Texas. Your instructions to patients have to help them understand the risk and reward of what you're telling them as dental professionals. Business Insurance is the same way. That's why having an experienced commercial insurance agent who specializes in Dental Practices is like having a seasoned ranch hand. They can guide you through the maze of coverage options, helping you tailor a policy that fits your practice like a glove. And if you are a dental office startup, they can help you navigate those tricky waters of the first year. 

    Working With Insurance For Texans

    Partnering with Insurance For Texans to help you with your dental office insurance means you're getting a team as dedicated as a Texas Ranger. These local, independent agents are experts in finding the best insurance solutions for Texas Dental Practices. They understand the unique challenges you face and are committed to protecting your practice from those unexpected financial storms.

    Remember David? Don't let his story be yours. Click the button below to learn how TRUE Texas Dental Office Insurance can safeguard your investment and keep your practice shining bright in the Lone Star State! 🌟


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