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    Hail Insurance For Texas Churches

    Posted by Amanda Minter on Jun 12, 2024 4:54:52 PM
    This has been a long Spring across Texas. Doesn't matter if you are in The Piney Woods in deep East Texas, The Hill Country, or up on the Caprock. ...
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    Topics: windstorms, deductible, hail, property, business personal property, Church Insurance

    Sound Investment: Secure Your Audio Equipment With The Right Coverage

    Posted by Kevin Hall on Apr 24, 2024 5:47:25 PM
    Most Texans have been through at least one major hail storm while living here. The sirens go off and the noise escalates with the wind, rain, and ...
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    Topics: limits of coverage, property, inland marine, business personal property, Church Insurance

    Does Your Texas Church Have Adequate Water Coverage?

    Posted by Kevin Hall on Mar 25, 2024 5:14:12 PM
    Every Texas church leader knows the worry of hail damage given its frequency and potential for destruction. And for good reason too. Of all the filed ...
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    Topics: water, property, business personal property, Church Insurance

    Decoding Church Insurance: Ditch the Jargon, Find True Texas Coverage

    Posted by Kevin Hall on Feb 12, 2024 5:07:10 PM
    Paul is a devoted leader of a local church in the heart of Austin who found himself navigating through the complex world of insurance jargon while ...
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    Topics: Commercial Insurance, property, business personal property, Church Insurance

    A Dentist's Guide to Protecting Their Equipment Against Breakdown

    Posted by Brad Hancock on Jan 8, 2024 3:37:06 PM
    On the west side of Ft Worth, Texas, there's a dedicated dentist named Robert. His dental office, a thriving part of the community, recently faced an ...
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    Topics: weather, business coverage, Business Owner, Dental Insurance, business personal property

    When Disaster Strikes Your Dental Chair: The Right Coverage Matters

    Posted by Brad Hancock on Dec 27, 2023 10:12:54 AM
    None of us like surprises. I'm sure that you feel appreciated when your dental office staff surprises you with a moment of gratitude for the amazing ...
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    Topics: Business Owner, Dental Insurance, basics of business insurance, business interruption, inland marine, business personal property