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    Why Is My Homeowners Insurance Replacing Part Of My Roof in Grapevine?

    Posted by Ron Wadley on Nov 2, 2020 9:41:17 PM

    We may be beyond hail season. But, this is Texas, so we never know for certain.

    We receive a ton of phone calls over the course of a given hail season. A lot of them have do do with hail claims and roofs. 

    One trend we've seen is insurance carriers providing a partial replacement instead of replacing the entire roof. 

    This . . . seems . . . wrong. 

    That's why we want to speak up so we can help you fight against it. Why Is My Homeowners Insurance Only Replacing Part Of My Roof

    Why Is There Only A Partial Replacement On My Roof?

    Hail is a fact and stacked up, presents a big problem for North Texas homeowners, including the great city of Grapevine. Carriers want to reduce costs to paying out claims in order to stay in the business of being an insurance carrier. 

    One thing they've done is started providing 50% replacement for roofs where only one side of the roof slope is damaged. 

    This cost-control measure gives them ability to repair your damage and prevent future damage. 

    Sounds great, right? Well, what if the roof actually looks like two different colors depending on the direction of which you were looking at it?

    It's not such a good situation then, is it?

    Two-tone roofs may never come in style (and rightly so). Homeowners pushed for full replacement disbursements. This lent to issues regarding the policy due to vague language. Carriers even began to eliminate full replacement and only offer partial in the circumstances of limited damage to one side of the roof. 

    Going a little further, some carriers even started excluding replacing cosmetic damage to the roof entirely. 

    What's cosmetic damage? 

    Think gutters or siding that though impacted and dented, still function as designed and intended. This doesn't create a structural integrity issue for your home, so it doesn't require inclusion on the claim for replacement/repair. 

    What a joy! Dented gutters, soffits, and siding. Won't that make you feel good every time you walk by. 


    Make Sure Your Cosmetic Damaged Gutters Get Replaced

    So How Do Texas Homeowners Fight This?

    Texans are used to fighting for what's right and you have options. As a local, independent insurance agent, we can provide policies protecting you against two-tone roofs and a home with dents on the soft spots. 

    One thing you'll want to do is have your agent add the endorsements that will provide protection. 

    Carriers that have exclusions in their policies related to these items usually provide endorsements to guarantee replacing the soft items and roofing materials. 

    At Insurance For Texans, a local, independent insurance agency, we review your current policy to make sure vital coverage isn't eliminated in the effort that your previous company could get you to sign for a lower premium. Why would they save you money but be ok with putting you in a riskier situation that could cost you much more?

    If matching shingles and protecting from gaps in coverage on your Grapevine home insurance policy is important to you (which we think they are), let us review the policy you have. We know you won't leave a consult with us less covered or in a worse situation. You can guarantee you'll know what coverage you should have and that we can find it. 

    Click the button below and we can get started!

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