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Does the Homeowners Insurance I Have on My Grapevine Home Cover My E.R. Visits for Tripping?

Insurance left to the uninformed can become very confusing, very fast!

There is a lot of detail to weed through and if you don't know what questions to ask, misunderstanding will multiply like Texas dandelions. 

Working with a local independent insurance agent is a good idea. At Insurance For Texans, we are you information and understanding macheté, ready to chop through the thick of the detail. 

For instance, what to do about the line item known as "Medical Payments To Others?"

We see you shrugging your shoulders asking, "What does this mean for me and why would I want to pay for others when it comes to medical treatment?"

Here's a couple of scenarios related to your Grapevine Home Insurance

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover My ER Visits For Tripping

Scenario #1

It's little Sally's birthday and you've decided you don't want your sweet little daughter to have a birthday with 10 other kids having a birthday at Jump-O-Mania.
She's going to get a good-old-fashioned backyard birthday party and it's going to be great.
It does go great until little Bruce from down the street, the kind of kid that always makes you nervous, decided to run through the extension cord which is helping to keep the rented jump house inflated.
Little Bruce almost does a flip and lands awkwardly, injuring his wrists in the process. Next thing you know he is on his way to the E.R. and even though his parents said, "Don't worry about it", you've got a pit in your stomach the size of San Antonio. 

Scenario #2

You decide to get after it early on a Saturday morning to get the pool cleaned before the big BBQ later on that afternoon. 
While skimming the pool walking backwards, you trip backwards over the deck chair and knock your head pretty good on the concrete. 
When your spouse realizes you're a little more out of sorts than normal, you make an unexpected trip to the ER. 
Medical Payments To Others covers people outside your household

What Scenarios are Covered?

With Medical Payments coverage, either of these scenarios could potentially be covered. 

However, one important distinction does need to be met if a claim will be paid by your carrier. 

That distinction: Who was injured?

With the line item stating "To Others", just one of these scenarios is covered by your home Insurance policy. 

People in your own household, including you, will not be covered. Your injury would have to be covered by your health insurance policy. 

What if the Bill Exceeds the Limits of My Coverage?

Since we've determined that the birthday party scenario will be covered, what if that ER bill is exorbitant?

If that bill exceeds the $5,000 limit on your policy, the coverage will also take into account the Personal Liability on your homeowners policy. 

If negligence is determined on your part due to the accident being severe, your personal liability coverage will prove very valuable, covering the costs for the medical attention needed by little Bruce. 

Again, weeds of details make a home insurance policy difficult for some. This is what we do, so we're happy to dig up those weeds and manicure that lawn to the point of providing you the most pristine coverage for your situation. 

We'll help you find the right policy so you'll feel safe keeping little Sally's guests safe. 

Click below and we'll get started. 

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