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Insurance For Texans

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Health Insurance Made Easy

Health Insurance Shouldn't Require Your Entire Piggy Bank!

We've talked with many Texans recently about health insurance. Here is the list of common complaints.

  • My Doctor Isn't On That Network!
  • My Deductible Is So High I Don't Understand What I'm Paying For!
  • Why Do I Need Coverage For That?
  • Why Can't Someone Help Me?

Now For Some GREAT News!

Insurance For Texans has partnered with new plans that can help eliminate those frustrations so that you can be on the fast track to finding a solution that helps your budget and allows you to get the care you need.

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Curious, but not quite ready to move?

We get it. Since the start of the Affordable Care Act, the rules have gotten a bit wacky. And now you are hearing stories about changes in the system. So many stories. So much confusion. Let us help you sort it out. 

For the last few years, as the penalty for not having an exchange approved plan ramped up, the general consensus was that the exchange was your only option. The plan became increasingly expensive. The deductibles kept escalating. The in-network doctors kept shrinking. The frustration grew.

Over the last few months, there have been some breath taking changes in the legislation. The largest change being that the penalty for "going off-exchange" was eliminated starting now. There are others, but this one piece will allow many Texans to seek out their own solution on their own terms. Which is the Texan WAY! Click the button to schedule an initial consultation with us to get started!

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