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We Are Not Some Big Insurance Company!

Back in 2016, Ron knew that there had to be a better way to serve the GREAT people of Texas. The idea was hatched to find a new for people and businesses to get the best insurance at the best price. And the goal was to deliver that best insurance in a relational manner that felt right to Texans. But to accomplish this goal, like minded Texans would be required. This is where you potentially come in!

While there are different roles here at Insurance For Texans, we do abide by some vital core values!

  • Always Do The Right Thing For The Customer
  • The Promise Of Certainty Is The Most Important Thing
  • Family. Always.
  • Work May Be Hard, But Having Fun Doing It Makes It Not Seem That Way

Do those values mimic your own? If so, this might be a place to help others protect their most valuable assets.

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Insurance For Texans Sales Team
Sell Personal Lines Insurance With Insurance For Texans

Personal Lines Sales

Take Care of People!

Do you love helping individuals in this great state? Working with the people who own homes in Texas has been a core part of our mission from the very beginning. Our goal is to make sure that people who have committed their livelihood and future to Texas don't have to worry about "what happens if".


We are committed to providing TRUE Texas Home Insurance for all. They realize that this carries over to the other places that they need insurance as well, which allows us to take care of them in total. If this sounds like your way of thinking, let's talk.

Sell Commercial Lines Insurance With Insurance For Texans

Commercial Lines Sales

Take Care of Businesses!

Do you love watching and helping businesses thrive in this great state? One of the unique pleasures of working with businesses big and small is watching creative people succeed with their ideas and hard work.


At Insurance For Texans, our goal is to make sure that those business owners are properly protected from the total cost of risk so that they can focus on those brilliant ideas with a peace of mind. If you have experience with this, let's talk!

Sell Live & Health  Insurance With Insurance For Texans

Life & Health Sales

Take Care of Lives!

Do you love embracing the crazy? One of the most non-understandable marketplaces for insurance today is health insurance. Especially in Texas. Everyone seems to hate it, fear it, or ignore it. We all know that isn't good! 


We remain steadfast that all Texans can find a way to avoid the financial pitfalls that can be created when great health insurance isn't in place. Since we can help both individuals and businesses find the plans that they need for all facets of life insurance and health insurance, you will have a unique  value proposition. Come help us build a better Texas.