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Frequently Asked Questions


What Do You NEED To Know?

Answers To Common Questions

Insurance For Texans was started years ago with a focus on creating a better experience for Texans confused by insurance jargon. We emphasize that we speak Texan just like you. Over the years, we have begun to see a pattern of questions that are asked over and over again. So we've broken the most common ones down for you here.

How Far Is It From Texarkana to El Paso? Read on to find out!

Vintage Texas Map from Insurance For Texans

General Agency Questions

Are You A Broker?

We are often referred to as a broker, but are actually an independent insurance agency by definition. That means that we can shop the marketplace for you.
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Are We Texan?

We are owned and operated here in the Great State of Texas! While headquartered in a Ft Worth suburb, we do have local experience all over the state!
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Does Using A Local Agent Matter?

While many people will use a call center, we think working with a person who lives in and understands the unique qualities of Texas matters.
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Home Insurance Questions

Can I Get Roof Replacement On My Policy?

As prices have gone nuts, coverage seems to disappear and Texans are getting burned by Roof Payment Schedules. We still sell roof replacement cost policies!
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How Can I Make Sure Hail Is Covered On My Policy?

Hail is the number one claim made on Teas home policies and it isn't close. It's why we created True Texas Hail Insurance. We have you covered!
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What Is True Texas Home Insurance?

Home Insurance has become increasingly confusing because the big insurance companies are trying to find new ways to limit paying claims. True Texas Home Insurance helps you navigate the confusion with confidence.
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Business Insurance Questions

What Are My Options If My Property Hail Insurance Was Dropped?

There is a disturbing trend of insurance companies to quit offering hail coverage in Texas. There are still options to get you covered!
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Do I Really Need A Commercial Insurance Agent?

The TV commercials make you think that your business can be covered in five minutes with three questions. If your business is your livelihood, that is a really bad idea. Exclusions matter.
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Do I Really Need Cyber Insurance For My Business?

Cyber criminals are attacking smaller businesses with more frequency today. The trend isn't reversing. It is becoming a matter of when and not if.
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Life & Health Insurance Questions

How Can I Get Catastrophic Health Insurance?

There is a lot of misinformation about catastrophic health insurance on the internet. It can be purchased year round and doesn't have to come from the ACA Exchange.
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What Qualifies As A Pre-Existing Condition For Health Insurance?

Texans have heard the horror stories about denied claims and cancelled policies over pre-existing conditions. The list differs from company to company, but we can definitely help break it down.
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Why Does Life Insurance Seem So Complicated?

It often feels like life insurance salesmen ask a lot of questions. And they often seem a bit icky. While there can be complex needs and reasons for coverage, our goal is to make it as easy to understand as possible.
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Need Answers To Deeper Questions?

We know that this list of questions is far from exhaustive. We also know that every Texan has a unique situation that requires expert advice in that area. That is why we have insurance experts available in various areas. We can help you tackle the tough stuff. Either call us at 469.789.0220 or smash the button below so that we can help you cover your needs.

By the way, it is 813.5 miles from Texarkana to El Paso using the interstate freeways. Chicago, IL is 29 miles closer than El Paso. 😱