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Insurance For Texans protects Abilene

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You Call Abilene Home

While we don't know what your personal story is . . . yet. Some possibilities might be:

  • Learning to fish on Lake Fort Phantom Hill
  • Dyess brought you here and you love it
  • You came back after trying some place . . . that was just too busy

Friend, we're all Texans. No matter when you got here. Some of us just realized it before others. That's all.

And since we're all Texans here, it's only right that you be treated like a neighbor when trying to find an insurance solution for you and your family.  Based on that truth, our promise is to treat you like our next door neighbor whether you're in Sweetwater, Buffalo Gap, Baird, Clyde, Anson, Hamlin, Stamford, or Abilene. True Texans always treat each other with neighborly core values that are alive and well today.


We've heard it before that insurance is confusing as hell. And it seems like every time you turn around, something isn't covered or the BIG insurance company wants more money for the same thing. Which isn't very Texan at all! While we cannot perform miracles, we will promise to shoot straight with you. And we always operate from the perspective of properly protecting you no matter your situation.


Proper protection for you will always depend upon your needs. So instead of a one size fits all approach, we will talk with you to find out how we can best serve you. Our guarantee to the great people of Abilene, is to make sure that you have the coverage that your home, truck, or business truly needs without all of the cow dung.


Everyone has made a quick decision over the phone with little thought of what might happen later when a claim is filed. But that's not how True Texas Neighbors work! We want you to view us as your insurance agency for life. Because of this, our purpose is to help you make sound decisions that will work for now while also setting you up for later.

As your life or business evolves, know that we can grow with you. We know what it means to have a family, to own a business, to grow both and how to keep an eye open for what can trip you up in life. That's what a real independent insurance agent does. 


We are as independent as you are. And as an independent insurance agency, we keep access to multiple carriers with comprehensive solutions to fit your coverage needs. If you find yourself wanting more from your insurance agency or have just started searching for an insurance solution, we NEED to talk to you. 

If you live or work in Abilene, Insurance For Texans can help you with any of the following types of coverage:

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