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Austin, Texas - True Texas Insurance

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You choose to LIVE in Austin

While we don't know what your personal story is . . . yet. We've seen a few things like:

  • Maybe you've lived in Austin all your life and remember when Austin was truly WEIRD
  • Maybe you just moved here for the prosperity potential
  • Maybe you've returned home after trying some place . . . lesser than

In reality, we're all Texans at heart. Even if you don't fit into one of those three. And since we're all Texans, you deserve to be treated like our neighbor when you are looking for an insurance solution for you and your family.  As a result, we promise to treat you like our own next door neighbor whether you're in Hutto, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Georgetown, Pfluggerville, Bee Cave, Leander, Austin, or Spicewood. And we always treat our neighbors with the same core values.


We get it. Insurance is confusing as hell. And seems like every time you turn around, something isn't covered. While we are not capable of miracles, we do promise to shoot your straight with the goal of being properly protected no matter your situation. And if for some reason we actually cannot cover you, we aren't afraid to tell you so.


Proper protection can be a very subjective phrase and it seems like the big insurance companies always have their hand out for more money. Our promise to you, the great people of Austin, is to make sure that you have the coverage your home, truck, or business truly needs without all of the fluff. While you may want to cover your Longhorn, we will work with you to determine if it's truly needed.


It's easy to make a decision in an instant over the phone with little context or thought of what comes later. But that's not how True Texans work. We want you to view us as your insurance agency for life. As a result, we want you to make sound decisions that will work for now while setting you up for the long term. As your family or business evolves, we want to make certain that we can grow with you. We know what it means to have a family, to own a business, to grow both, and to always keep an eye open to what life has next.

As an independent insurance agency, we keep access to a variety of carriers and  a number of solutions that will fit your coverage needs. If you find yourself wanting more from your insurance agency or have just started searching for an insurance solution, we want to talk to you. 

If you live or work in Austin or Central Texas, Insurance For Texans can help with you with any of the following types of coverage:

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Get True Texas Insurance!