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Building Ordinance Coverage on Grapevine Home Insurance

In Texas we know less is sometimes more. Less development probably means more land to enjoy. Less busy often means more quality time. Less worry equals more time enjoying. 

When it comes to your insurance, we like to keep it simple. At the same time, having the right coverage (and more of it) often means less risk of losing your shirt if you suffer loss of home or property. 

That's why we don't mind the number of line items found on a Declarations Page of your home insurance policy. We kind of like to geek out over that. 

We also know sifting through this information is exactly what you might dread about insurance to begin with. 

So please excuse us while we tell you about one of those less obvious line items that could make a significant impact on your ability to recoup from a loss. Why not, we're all here together anyway. 

We're talking about Building Ordinance. See the quick video below. 

Insurance For Texans Home Insurance Building Ordinance

So, this somewhat less meaningful line item can prove significant. Here's a couple of ways we see building ordinance impacting how your Grapevine Home Insurance policy works. 

Building Permits Required By Partial Claim

When I bought my current home, I felt great knowing we would have a good amount of tree coverage in the yard. Who doesn't love trees? Well, when a Texas-sized hailstorm comes roaring through the Metroplex and dumps one of those trees upon your home or neighboring home, your love turns to annoyance rather quickly. Rebuilding is in order. 

To begin and complete the work necessary, permits from the city are required for electrical and plumbing replacement and repairs.

In this process, a City Code Inspector will need to approve the work done under the permits obtained. During this inspection time, it is possible that the inspector will require you to convert the whole house to current building code.

If your home is 10 years old or more, you can imagine the costs to bring up to code will come with a hefty price tag. 

This is where Building Ordinance works for you!

When a Full Build is Required

In the above video, you viewed a fire-damaged building. What if it were your home? In Texas you'll find most cities have ordinances, i.e., laws requiring the demolition of a structure. This is not cheap! You would want this cost to be paid your home insurance policy and not come out-of-pocket. 

I Need The BEST Home Insurance

We know Building Ordinance is the common topic around your dinner table these days. However, we know how important it is, enough to let you know we think it is imperative you understand what it means. 

If you want to talk more about your current coverage or even have us find you the best coverage with one of our carriers in our wide network, let's talk. 

As an independent insurance agent, we can easily cover gaps in coverage and help you take another worry off your plate. 

Less worry is always more!

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