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    Closed for Repairs: Navigating Business Stoppage After a Texas Storm

    Posted by Brad Hancock on Dec 7, 2023 5:18:57 PM

    Meet our friend Louise. Louise is the proud owner of a print shop located in Lubbock, Texas. Louise has built her business taking care of her friends and neighbors who live around her along with several student organizations on the local college campus. She has poured her heart and soul into the community while helping others achieve their goals.

    Now imagine this: a massive storm sweeps across the high plains on a Spring afternoon, the kind that paints the sky with lightning and roars with thunder. Now you and I both know that those storms come with some extra oomph that comes in the form of hail and even tornadoes. Poor Louise found herself in a real pickle when her print shop was damaged so badly from that storm that she had to close for an entire month. What would you do if your business had to shut down for a month? Would you have a way to cover payroll? Will getting the repairs made to your store be a problem? Where will the money come from? What if I told you that there is a way to insure against this tragedy so that the financial losses that go with those spring storms does not bankrupt your print shop?

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    What is Business Interruption Insurance?

    In the world of Texas print shops, being operational isn’t just a goal – it’s a necessity. Our businesses thrive on the hum of printers and the rhythm of daily operations. But what happens when a thunderstorm, fire, cyber attack, or even a large scale power outage throws a wrench in the works? Suddenly, your source of income is as quiet as a ghost town and you're left pondering how you are going to keep the business moving! That's where business interruption insurance steps in like a reliable old friend. This coverage is all about keeping your business afloat during tough times without a hitch of worry or fear.

    For Texas print shops, a comprehensive insurance plan is like a well-stocked toolbox. You've got your Property, General Liability, and Workers Compensation coverage. You've likely heard of these kinds of coverage, and each of them plays a critical role in ensuring your print shop is as secure as a bank vault. However, they don't fill gaps left when your business has to close for an extended period of time whether it is from a natural disaster, a fire, or even a car coming through the front door! That's why we want to shine a spotlight on Business Interruption Insurance Policies which can be a real game-changer for print shops like Louise’s.

    Closed for Repairs Navigating Business Stoppage After a Texas Storm

    Types of Business Interruption Insurance For Print Shops

    Business interruption coverage isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s more like a custom-tailored suit, offering protection for business expenses, payroll, utility outages, and even long-term shutdowns. Traditional Business Owner’s Policies might tip their hat to business-interruption losses, but they often don’t go the whole nine yards. That's where endorsements to your business owners policy or commercial property insurance policy can help create a Complete Insurance Policy, offering a sturdier safety net.

    Business Shut Down

    When catastrophe strikes – be it a storm, a utility issue, or a fire – it can bring your business to a screeching halt. When your business is shut down for reasons that are covered by your policy, your business interruption coverage steps in like a dependable neighbor. Your business interruption policy can help cover loss of business income, payroll, and those extra expenses you never saw coming. Do you need a temporary location while your space is being rebuilt? Do you need to cover the equipment that has been damaged through the equipment breakdown clause? It's about making sure that when you're filing a claim for property damage to your print shop, you’re not left high and dry.

    Cyber Attacks

    As print shops have become more and more automated with their machinery, they have become more dependent upon being connected to the internet. This awesome development has led to increased cyber threats like ransomware, malware, phishing, and network intrusions that can shut down your print shop faster than a Texas twister coming across the Caprock. Taking great precautions with cyber security is the first step to protection. But Cyber Liability Insurance is your digital shield, protecting your automated equipment and safeguarding your business from these invisible bandits who want to shut you down. It's about protecting your business from interruptions both visible and invisible.


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    Finding the Right Policy for Your Texas Print Shop

    Now, let's get down to brass tacks. Understanding your insurance needs is like knowing how much water your horse needs – it’s essential. What does your business owner’s policy cover? Is this type of insurance going to cost you an arm and a leg? The good news is that what we are talking about is more affordable than you might realize. The insurance companies have come up with some great solutions that can keep your business operation humming along not fearing future losses.

    Understanding Your Needs and Risks

    Every Texas print shop faces its own set of risks – hail storms, fire, theft, you name it. Business interruption insurance is your guardian angel, ensuring that these threats don't turn your profits into dust. It’s all about protecting the heart and soul of your business: your income. To make sure that you have the financial protection that you need, a commercial insurance agent will need to understand your scope of operations, size of operations, and what types of insurance that you have in place today. If your insurance provider or agent isn't asking questions about these things, are they really looking out for you? 

    Using An Experienced Commercial Agent

    We understand that navigating the world of insurance can be as tricky as herding cattle. That’s where an experienced commercial insurance agent becomes your guide. They know the ins and outs of print shop insurance, helping tailor coverage that’s as unique as your business. It's imperative that you work with an independent insurance agent who is experienced in print shops and the unique challenges that come with your business. They will understand how commercial insurance policies work and how to best protect your business the types of risks that can keep you up at night.

    Working With Insurance For Texans

    Partnering with Insurance For Texans is like having a steadfast ally in your corner. Their independent agents are seasoned pros, committed to finding the best insurance solutions for your print shop. They understand the Texas way of life and tailor coverage to fit the needs of print shop owners like a glove.

    So there you have it, friends. Whether you're facing an extreme weather event like Louise or a digital dilemma over your cyber insurance, having the right partner in this process can be your lifeline. Don’t let a little trouble turn your world upside down from loss of income or extra expenses that can come from those common losses that we all know are out there. Be like Louise and ensure your print shop stays resilient in the face of adversity.

    Ready to safeguard your print shop against business interruptions? Click The Button Below To Discover Strategies for Overcoming Business Interruptions in Texas. Let’s keep those printers rolling and our Texas spirit thriving!


    Cover My Print Shop!

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