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Does Ft Worth Home Insurance Cover Plumbing Repairs?

Ft Worth homeowners call us about a potential claim for water damage against their home insurance policy. Our highly trained agents do a great job trying to gather information from you, so that we discern whether or no you have a claim. Texas home insurance policies do a great job of covering water damage claims. In nearly every conversation about the claim process, the homeowner asks about the cost of the plumbing repairs themselves and if that is part of the claim. So we decided to take a moment to talk about the repair portion of this process.

Does Ft Worth Home Insurance Cover Plumbing Repairs?Many of the homeowners we work with are shocked when we tell them that the repair to the plumbing or appliance is not covered by their home insurance policy. They have always assumed that it would be paid for as part of their claim against the policy. The insurance companies will in most every circumstance consider the repair portion of this to be maintenance in nature. As a result, the homeowner will be required to pay for that repair directly to the contractor. This is also done outside of your deductible payment as well.

Why Is It This Way?

Insurance is a tool to protect you against loss. When Texans buy homes, they do so knowing that a certain amount of maintenance and upkeep is required. This includes simple things like changing the air filter on your HVAC unit and more complex things like replacing hot water heaters. If these things are done at regular intervals your home will likely avoid catastrophic losses and potentially cost less to maintain. The insurance companies view this in that same vein.

What Can I Do About It?

If you are a homeowner that is on a restricted cash flow that make repairs and deductibles problematic, it is probably best to consider a home warranty policy. Insurance For Texans does not sell them, but they can absolutely be a great tool when used in the correct context. The other thing that is important is to keep up with regular maintenance and keep an eye on your home systems. Making sure that your AC drain pan in the attic is clear and draining properly.

If you aren't sure what is and is not covered by your home policy, speak with an independent insurance agent at Insurance For Texans. We know whether or not your hot water heater is going to cost you or us!

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