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    Hail Havoc: Is Your Metal Roof Covered in Texas Storms?

    Posted by Ron Wadley on Jan 30, 2024 11:43:04 AM

    As we roll into hail season, which is basically all year in Texas, homeowners are giving their insurance policies a once over to make sure that they don't have holes in them. They understand that the likelihood of damage from hail to their roof is a given. We recently got a call from Stephanie in Lubbock wanting to review the coverage on her metal roof. She had installed a metal roof after the last hailstorm and she wanted to make sure that she had adequate hail coverage for it after hearing rumors of claim denials. Stephanie's story isn't unique in Texas. Severe storms strike all parts of this great state. That's why understanding insurance coverage for such unpredictable weather is essential. Stephanie's story will help us understand how metal roof insurance works so that you can avoid surprises later.


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    Importance of Having Insurance Coverage for Hail Damage

    In Texas, hail storms are as common as brisket and beer on a Saturday night. Storm damage can wreak havoc on your property, especially your roof. Roof damage claims from hail and wind storms are the number one type of claim for Texas insurance companies. For Texas homeowners like Stephanie, lacking replacement cost coverage could mean facing hefty repair bills when that next supercell blows through the plains. Securing the type of coverage that specifically addresses hail damage is not just wise; it's a financial safeguard for your home. Remember, it's not just about the damage; it's about peace of mind in stormy times.

    Common Types of Metal Roofs in Texas

    As the weather has kicked up, many Texans are looking at roofing options beyond a traditional asphalt shingle roof. Homes with metal roofing were once a thing reserved for The Hill Country or maybe the Panhandle. But with the size and frequency of hail claims, corrugated metal roofs are becoming more common in more areas than just the rural parts of the state. We are seeing a variety of metal roofs being installed including standing seam, metal tile, metal panels, and metal shingles. Each has its charm and benefits along with varying price points. Standing seam roofs are sleek and modern; metal tiles add a touch of elegance, and metal shingles offer a traditional look with added durability. They all stand up well to Texas's unique climate, boasting energy efficiency and longevity.


    Hail Havoc: Is Your Metal Roof Covered in Texas Storms?

    Advantages To Metal Roofs

    While pictures of metal roofs are pretty; the bottom line is that one of the main benefits of metal roofing is that they're practical. They can slash energy bills because of the insulative properties that can come with installation. Corrugated metal roofing can withstand the harsh weather that comes in all parts of Texas, including Lubbock. And the big kicker that prompts some Texans to install metal roofing panels is that sometimes they even nudge down home insurance premiums. These roofs are like a sturdy cowboy hat for your home - they keep you protected and cut down on maintenance while also helping with insurance costs.

    Vulnerability To Weather Damage

    But let's not sugarcoat it: even the toughest metal roofs have their Achilles' heel. As your metal roof ages, physical damage to your roof can creep up and bite you. Factors like material used, the age of your roof, and the slope of your roofline can create damage to metal roof materials. While they generally resist major damage, dents and punctures can still occur as your roof ages through its lifecycle. Especially during one of Texas's famous hailstorms.

    After a thunderstorm, it's crucial to check your metal roof for both wind damage and hail damage. Look for dents, cracks or punctures in the panels. Be sure to look for lifting due to damaging winds. And don't forget to inspect your gutters and siding around the roof line. These softer types of material can also lead to damage. Choosing metal roofing that has a high impact resistant rating is smart, as it can minimize potential hail damage. This is usually done with a 22- or 24-gauge metal roof material that will last longer and hold up to our weather better than cheaper 29-gauge metal roofs. The bottom line is to evaluate your large investment wisely.

    Understanding Insurance Policies

    When it comes to insurance in Texas, the devil is in the details. As premiums have gone up, it seems like the insurance providers keep taking policy coverage away. Home policy details vary, and it's important to understand that there is no such thing as a standard home insurance policy. You have to look into not only what is included but also for what is listed in the exclusions. Look for terms like “roof payment schedule,” "actual cash value," "replacement cost," and "cosmetic damage exclusion". Many Texans like Stephanie love to focus on the hail deductible, which we  highly encourage. But other factors like the age and condition of your roof can influence your coverage options and insurance costs. Asking questions of your insurance agent should get you straightforward answers.

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    Coverage For Wind or Hail Roof Damage

    A typical Texas homeowners insurance policy covers a range of property damage to your home. This will include damage from hurricanes, hail, and wind storms. But remember, not all types of damage are covered equally. It's important for you to understand how your insurance covers your roof before you make a claim for roof damage. The single biggest item a Texas homeowner has to understand if they have a metal roof is the cosmetic damage exclusion. This exclusion will determine how claims for roof damage are covered.

    Metal roofs are installed primarily because of their durability when it comes to damage from hail. This is not news to anyone, including Stephanie. It is why they are effective in reducing your premium cost on the policy. However, the largest reason that premium cost is lowered is because a ding to a metal roof that does not compromise the structural integrity is not going to require a roof replacement by your roofing company. That cosmetic exclusion means that you're simply going to have a roof with some dings in this instance as your "standard home insurance policy" is not going to cover it.

    But rest assured, if you find yourself filing a hail damage claim, know that if your metal roof is structurally compromised the coverage on roof damage will absolutely help you replace that roof as long as you have replacement cost coverage. Understanding that insurance companies have a set process and that they'll consider the extent of damage and require evidence that the severe weather compromised your roof before approving roof claim. Use the insurance claims process and allow the adjuster to do their job.

    Make Sure That You Have TRUE Texas Home Insurance

    If you are like Stephanie, and not sure about what your current homeowners insurance actually covers you need to do some research. Not all policies are created equal. We may be a bit biased, but this is where TRUE Texas Home Insurance shines. It’s tailored for Texans like you and Stephanie, ensuring that their unique needs are met. And it's only available through Insurance For Texans. With our local, independent agents who know Texas inside out, our goal is to make sure that your homeowners insurance covers roof damage on your terms.

    Insurance For Texans isn’t just another agency; it’s your personal insurance guide. They specialize in crafting policies that fit your individual needs, ensuring that you, the homeowner, are at the heart of their service. And they do that while pricing your options across many homeowners insurance companies rather than just one. So, whether you're in Lubbock like Stephanie, or anywhere else in Texas, remember to protect your metal roof and your peace of mind. Don’t wait for the next hailstorm to find out if you're covered.


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